Big Spring Clean: Bathrooms

Tips for a refreshing impact.

A bathroom is an important part of daily family hygiene so it deserves your careful attention.

Make the right start

  • Gather up all the towels and flannels, bath mats and discarded robes and throw them in the washing machine while you get on with the cleaning.
  • Chuck out any toothbrushes with worn bristles. Change your toothbrushes regularly (ideally every three months).
  • Keep antibacterial wipes handy so you can clean off sink taps and the flush handle regularly, these are germ hotspots.

Cleaner bathrooms tips

  •  Is your bathroom suite plastic, acrylic, ceramic or enamel? If you’re not sure, opt for a cleaner that is ‘suitable for all surfaces’ as some creams and gels have specific uses. Although enamel appears to be tough, some products will affect its finish.
  • When cleaning your bath and sink, use a soft rag rather than the scourer side of a cleaning sponge.
  •  Don’t be too alarmed at patches of black mildew. A good hard rub with your cleaner and rag will see them off.
  • Use this opportunity to clear out your medicine cabinet. Re-stock out of date essentials.
  • When you are cleaning the bath and sink use a plunger as you rinse to ensure that the drains aren’t getting blocked up out of view.
  •  Wash out beakers you store toothbrushes in – run-off water can quickly turn slimy and smelly when it doesn’t dry out in the bottom of a cup or glass.

Savvy tip
A regularly emptied bin is an incentive for the whole family to stop flushing things down the loo – make-up tissues, disposable contact lenses, dental floss. Keep a discreet supply of suitable plastic bags handy in the bathroom for teenagers using sanitary items – your daughter won’t want to ask you every month.

Pass it on – toothbrush hygiene
Keep brushes somewhere a good distance from your loo, and put the lid down before you pull the chain because fine particles of toilet water spray out each time you flush.


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