Blitz the limescale in the bathroom

Get your bathroom as clean as you are – and keep it that way, too

Your family uses the bathroom on a daily basis. It’s usually nice and warm in a bathroom, and water gets all over the place... it’s the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold. But limescale is also a typical bathroom problem. So here are a couple of easy and efficient tips on how to remove limescale and keep your bathroom clean!

  • Clean the wall tiles and the mirrors.

    Use a good cleaning product to wash the tiles on the walls and dry them with a cloth. Want to go faster? Start drying the tiles with a scraper, and then use the cloth. The scraper will also help you to clean the mirrors and other glass walls in the shower. Use a window-cleaning product to wash these surfaces and dry them with the scraper. Remember to dry the scraper as often as possible so that you don’t leave any dirty traces behind.


  • Start with the cabinets

    Empty and clean the cabinets in your bathroom. Check all the products in your cabinets before putting them back in. For example, an old perfume usually doesn’t smell good anymore, and there’s no use in keeping expired sunscreen. Did you know that cosmetics also have an expiration date? Remember to check them too.
  • Surfaces on which you can use Viakal:
    Porcelain (toilets, bidet, washbasin)
    Ceramic (washbasin, floor and wall tiles)
    White enamel (bath tubs)
    Plastic (e.g. toilet seats, shower frames)
    Chrome (taps, shower frames)
    Glass or plastic shower boxes
    Stainless steel (taps, bins)
    Acryl / Quaryl (bath tubs)
    Laminated surfaces
  • Eliminate limescale from your water faucets and showerheads. In an ideal world, you would dry your water faucets each time you use them… but who has the patience and discipline to do that? Luckily, there’s an easier way: anti-limescale products that are quick and efficient if you use them correctly.
    How do get rid of limescale on a faucet:
    Apply some Viakal to the faucet and let the product act for about 5 minutes. Then wash it with a cloth or a sponge until the limescale disappears and rinse it with a lot of water. How to get rid of limescale on a showerhead:
    Spray some Viakal directly on the showerhead. It’ll eliminate all the limescale. Then run some cold water in order to get rid of the remaining product.

Quick tip: Use Viakal Hygiene to eliminate bacteria stuck in limescale.

Anti-limescale products that are more efficient in terms of hygiene usually have thicker texture than the standard version. They therefore stay longer on vertical surfaces and do wonders when it comes to giving your bathtub and shower a good shine cleaning.