Declutter to clear your mind with Mrs Hinch 


It’s no surprise that an uncluttered home can make you feel more relaxed. However, it’s easier said than done. But with the help of Mrs Hinch, you’ll be organised beyond your wildest dreams…

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It can often feel impossible to find a home for all the ‘stuff’ you and your family have accumulated over the years. But you can declutter your home and declutter your mind! With clever and practical storage solutions, it really is possible.

The first step in learning how to declutter is to clear out anything you don’t want or need, and then pick out the nice items you are happy to have on display. Then, it’s all about organising what’s behind closed cupboard doors, and Mrs Hinch is an absolute pro at this. Here are some of her top storage tips, as seen on her Instagram account.

Use baskets. Lots of baskets.

Mrs Hinch is a self-confessed basket addict – and they really are fantastic when you want to declutter your home. They help you store things neatly, and you can group your bits by category, so you know where to find everything.
For example, the cupboard under the sink is usually a mayhem of cleaning products, cloths, plastic bags and so on. But for Mrs Hinch, this is her “Narnia”, with each product categorised, and each category given its own basket. Just make sure to keep these items out of reach or locked away if you have children or pets.

This extends beyond the cleaning cupboard, too. Even the food in her kitchen cupboards and fridge are organised into baskets and labelled, as are her spare hand towels and face flannels in the bathroom. In fact, there is rarely a cupboard that isn’t organised by basket. But it makes so much difference – if you try it, we’re sure you’ll become a ‘basket case’ too!

Organise your storage

When basketing up your bits, have a think about what you need to access the most. For example, Mrs Hinch groups her cleaning products by “daily”, “weekly” and “ad-hoc”. It then makes sense to keep the daily basket in the easiest-to-reach spot, and so on. You can also group them by room, so when it’s time to clean the lounge, you simply grab your lounge basket and go!

Another good idea to declutter your home is to try out attractive storage options, so you can keep what you need at hand in the room itself. Anything from a gorgeous dressing table with drawers for your make-up, to a neat wooden box to hide away your bathroom bleach, wipes and sprays.

Try a kitchen trolley

A kitchen trolley may seem like an unnecessary item – particularly if your kitchen is on the small side – but if you can find a space for it, it can add not only extra storage on the shelves below it, but extra valuable surface space, too.

Mrs Hinch loves hers, which she decorates with a few plants and pots of dried pasta, then the shelves beneath have baskets (naturally) holding tea towels and other kitchen-related bits and bobs.

Master the Marie Kondo fold

It took her a bit of practice, but Mrs Hinch finally mastered the Marie Kondo fold, and she hasn’t looked back since.
Transforming Mr Hinch’s T-shirt drawer from a messy jumble to a neatly rolled affair, it’s a great thing to learn if you want to know how to declutter.

It not only saves space, but also means you can see all your items at a glance, so there’s no rooting around and messing it all up again! Check out Marie Kondo’s YouTube channel for a video tutorial.

Mrs Hinch has a neat folding trick herself, too, which is to store folded spare duvet covers and sheets in their matching pillow case. Not only does this keep it neat, but also means you won’t have to deal with the old missing pillowcase saga when it comes to making the bed!

Get hooked on hooks

Not one to waste an inch of storage space, Mrs Hinch is a big fan of sticking hooks and clips on the inside of cupboard doors. These can then hold onto slim baskets to store cleaning gloves and so on, or simply hold or clip cloths, bags, and anything else with a strap, saving you valuable cupboard space for everything else.

Now you’ve learned how to declutter and cleared up your home, it’s also much easier to keep your home clean – something Mrs Hinch is a big fan of!

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