4 ways to make your home smell like a dream

There’s no place like home. But if your house smells less-than fresh, it can make it a less-than pleasant place to be.

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1. Blast away all those bad odours

From a fishy dinner to smelly pets, everyday smells can linger in the air and leave your home smelling far from its best. But all you need to do is spritz the air with Unstoppables Aerosol Sweet Dreams to banish the bad smells and replace them with a gorgeously dreamy fragrance of jasmine and vanilla.

2. Target smells right at the source

The next step is to target those hidden corners where smells can fester. For this, you can simply fill a small mesh or muslin bag with Lenor Unstoppables Dreams InWash Scent Booster Beads to make your own handy scent sachet.

The sachets can go in linen drawers, on your bathroom door handle, or even the bottom of smelly shoes. With up to 12 weeks of amazing freshness, they can tackle even the least fragrant corners of your home.

Similarly, you can use the beads to banish bin smells. Simply place a spoonful of Lenor Unstoppables Dreams InWash Scent Booster Beads in a plastic bag with holes poked into it, and pop it at the bottom of the bin. Now that rubbish smell is a thing of the past.

3. Load up your laundry with scent

Of course you can use Lenor Unstoppables Dreams InWash Scent Booster Beads to infuse the scent into your clothes, too. Just add a capful to your usual wash for a gorgeous, lasting fragrance. And with the dreamy scents of lavender, vanilla and cedar, it’s the perfect scent for your bed linens too.

4. Infuse your whole home with fragrance

Once you’ve tackled all the bad smells, all that’s left to do is make sure your home is continuously filled with a gorgeous fragrance.

For this, you can use the Unstoppables Plug In Refill Dream, which has 50% more perfume to fill your whole house with that gorgeously warming fragrance, making your home an absolutely dreamy place to be.

What are the trickiest smells you’ve tackled at home? Let us know how you banished them in the comments below.