Read more on why Fairy is a trusted product

Read more on why Fairy is a trusted product

Here’s why Fairy is a trustful choice for you and your family

Behind the suds


Dishes are part of life and can quickly pile up by the kitchen sink. You will wash them up, often mindlessly – perhaps wishing you were somewhere else. But have you ever considered what’s in your washing-up liquid or dishwasher tablets? 

Designed to be trusted by you and your family


As Europe’s leading dish-washing brand, Fairy has a team of scientists to ensure you have highly effective products to help you tackle even tough, greasy build-up on plates, pots and pans. Safety is at the heart of all our product development.

For all Fairy innovations, ingredients are carefully chosen and undergo a diligent selection process. If an ingredient doesn’t meet our rigorous standards at first glance, it will not be used. For ingredients that pass the first test, we then develop a safe range so it can be used every day. 

Fairy not only cares about all the people who use our product every day, we also care for the planet. We strive to create products that have minimal environmental impact, which is why many of our bottles are made from recycled and recyclable plastic. Indeed, we created the first bottle using only beach plastic, in partnership with TerraCycle. 

Technology takes time


Fairy’s newest formula with Lift Action technology cuts grease into small pieces, which are easy to wash away. It took three years for scientists to develop and test the ingredients and technology. The wait was well worth it, as it now provides Fairy’s best clean, while the product is indeed safe for intended use. 


Insight into the ingredients we use


As part of its commitment to transparency, Fairy has released its full list of ingredients, alongside details of their specific roles within each product. The ingredients can be viewed  here.

Watch our safety video


Fairy takes your safety seriously. That’s why we make sure every ingredient in every product is rigorously tested to be sure it’s safe to use in your home. And our commitment to safety standards doesn’t end there. Fairy experts are always listening to your questions and ensuring that our products are cleaning as expected.

Since 1960, Fairy has earned your trust by offering safe, superior cleaning performance. It’s a promise we plan to continue for generations to come. Click here to watch our safety video.

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