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Turn your home into a Mrs Hinch-style sanctuary

Turn your home into a Mrs Hinch-style sanctuary

Mrs Hinch is admired as much for her home’s décor as her cleaning tips. Here we take a look inside her Essex abode to pick up some style inspo…

Go for a neutral colour palette

Go for a neutral colour palette

Scrolling through Mrs Hinch’s Instagram feed is like seeing 50 shades of grey (literally – not the film!). She loves it – and nearly everything in her house is white, silver, or a variant of grey.

There’s a lot to be said for a neutral colour palette. It’s calming and timeless, you can experiment with patterns and textures more easily, and it creates a simple backdrop so key pieces you choose are left to shine. So why not give it a try?

Bounce the light around

Bounce the light around

Little lifts a home like lots of light (there’s a tongue twister!). Choose light-coloured sheer curtains so as much natural light gets through as possible, and it’s a good idea to pop a big mirror on the wall adjacent – as you can see Mrs Hinch has done above – as this helps bounce the natural light around the room.

The silvers, mirrored surfaces and sparkly chandeliers in Mrs Hinch’s home also go a long way to helping the light to travel. She even has shimmery wallpaper!

For darker days, light up with bright spotlight lamps, or Mrs Hinch loves to create a warm glow with scattered candles.

Embrace layered textures

Embrace layered textures

Experimenting with textures not only looks good, but it feels great too! Look for soft, chunky knit blankets, furry cushions, cool cotton sheets and plush pillows, and layer it all together to create something that looks as lush as it feels.

Pay attention to detail

Pay attention to detail

Mrs Hinch likes to ensure every nook and cranny of her home is stylish, and this comes in many forms.

For example, she covers the radiators with elegant white covers – “They change a house into a home,” she writes. You can then use the shelf to display some personal items so it doubles up as a décor piece, too.

Other Mrs Hinch ideas include making a feature of the cooker hob by placing a beautiful vase of flowers on it (when not in use, of course!), and lighting up a dark corner with a floor lamp that has a cut-out lampshade, as it casts beautiful shapes on the walls when lit.

You can also see in the above picture that even her light switches have sweet little frames! She really does pay attention to detail, so try to do the same and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Be free of clutter

Be free of clutter

Your home can be as beautiful as can be, but if you clutter up all available surfaces with, well, clutter, it can soon look like a mess and far from the sanctuary you had hoped for.

Mrs Hinch solves this issue by using decorative baskets to hold the bits and pieces she and her family need daily access to, and then fills the cupboards with baskets too, which helps keep things organised, as everything has a home.

For more tips on organising your home, check out our article – also inspired by Mrs Hinch – Declutter your home to clear your mind.

Make a feature of key pieces you love

Make a feature of key pieces you love

Mrs Hinch loves her statement pieces, such as this opulent mirror (“I can’t stop staring at it 😂” - @mrshinchhome). Her neutral colour palette and lack of clutter not only allows her favourite pieces to shine, but also means you can splurge on an opulent piece such as this, without being in danger of it looking over the top.

Have a “me” area

Have a “me” area

While the rest of your home has to suit other family members too, it’s nice to have a little space that’s all yours. Whether that’s a small room, or just a part of your bedroom, try setting up a dressing table, comfy chair and glamorous mirror so you have yourself a little “getting ready” area. This will make doing your hair and make-up feel like a special occasion (which it often is for busy mums!).

Another nice idea is to give the bathroom a mini spa vibe, so when you get to sink into those bubbles, you truly feel like you’re having a good pamper session. Mrs Hinch achieves this with candles, flowers and gorgeous fragrances. She keeps a lot of this on a bath tray, which not only looks great but is practical too – it’s also the perfect place to rest your book!

Don’t blow the budget

Don’t blow the budget

Mrs Hinch isn’t afraid of a bit of upcycling. She captioned the above: “I bought this ottoman five years ago at a boot sale! I re-covered it, repainted it, and even made a matching cushion from the left-over material.”

She also checks out classified ad sites for local bargains, like the mirrored table, which she bought second-hand for £20. “FACT: It doesn’t have to be expensive or designer to look nice #justsaying” - @mrshinchhome.

So simply mix a little savvy with a lot of style, and you’ve got yourself the perfect combo!

Shelve it

Shelve it

Shelves are a good storage aid, as well as being a great place to showcase any personal ornaments. Mrs Hinch’s home is full of them, and she particularly likes popping a skinny shelf in an otherwise bare hallway to add a point of interest.

“A good tip [for] any home with a smaller landing that lacks a feature point is to put up a ‘book shelf’… with a nice statement mirror or clock above!” – @mrshinchhome.

Of course another thing that helps a home feel like a sanctuary is when it’s free of dirt and grime. Find out more about the P&G cleaning products Mrs Hinch loves to use around her home by clicking on the links below:

Fairy, Flash, Febreze, Viakal, Lenor, Ariel.

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