Find the right Bold 2in1 format for you

Who doesn’t love freshly washed sheets, soft towels and gorgeous smelling clothes? Bold 2 in 1, with its amazing combination of detergent and fabric softener, offers lasting freshness, smell and softness to your laundry. But with 4 different formats do choose from, how do you go about selecting the one that’s right for you?


New Bold 2in1 Pearls are a completely new product. It combines the brilliant cleaning power of detergent and the touch of Lenor plus fiber care agents give you amazing laundry results in just one product.
Pearls are also great for coloured loads because they don’t contain bleach. What more could you ask for?


Liquids are a doddle to use, thanks to a nifty dosing device that helps you measure out the perfect amount. Pop it straight into the drum and it will dissolve in a jiffy to get to work on your wash.

As they don’t contain bleach, liquids will keep your coloureds colourful for longer. They’re perfect for stains too, because you can pour a drop or two onto the stain pre-wash for tip-top results.


If you love bright, vibrant colours, then gels are your best friend. Not only have they been designed to clean brilliantly at low temperatures, they’re bleach-free too. This is a killer combo in terms of keeping your pinks perky and your greens gorgeous!