Failsafe gift ideas they’re GUARANTEED to love

Failsafe gift ideas they’re GUARANTEED to love

Even if you know what you’re getting the kids for Christmas, the rest of the family can be a nightmare to buy for! So instead of taking a gamble on something totally surprising, why not look at the things they already love, and upgrade them?

If they love… Gadgets


There’s no shortage of fun gadgets out there, but the Oral-B Genius 9000 range of electric toothbrushes has all the wizardry they could want. With Position Detection Technology, Pressure Control and six brushing modes, it will sate their love for gadgets, while giving their teeth the clean of their lives too!

If they love… Cooking


Why not go for a seriously good copper pan, an iron skillet or a Sheffield-steel knife? For foodies, go for quality over quantity – better to get one great knife than a whole set of average ones.

If they love… Travel


Think of all those useful travel accessories you’ve lost or broken over the years – damaged passport holders, stolen cameras, lost luggage… Chances are your favourite traveller has too, so why not replace some of them?

If they love… Fashion


It’s always hard to buy clothes for other people, but there are very few fashion fans, male or female, who wouldn’t appreciate a neutral-coloured scarf in a super-high-quality yarn such as cashmere.

If they love… Cycling


If they’ve got all the gear, and you’ve no idea, casually ask what wears out and breaks easily: bike lights, Allen-key sets, smarter-than-average gloves or mitts…? They’ll definitely appreciate it!

If they love… Reading


Unless a book is brand-spanking new, it’s hard to know if they already have it, so instead try bringing out their own creativity with a notebook and fine pen – you might inspire the next bestseller!

If they love… Exercising


From gym bunnies to five-a-side footballers, there’s one thing people who exercise love, and that is great workout gear. So a simple skipping rope, some trainers or even just a posh water bottle will go down well.

If they love… Gardening


You can never have too many gardening gloves, and good-quality gardening tool sets to replace their old rusty ones are always welcome for keen gardeners.  

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