4 holiday-ready beauty hacks

Holiday hacks you won't panic over

Arrive glowing

There's something about arriving at the airport looking like a regular. It does something to one's inner confidence to step on - and off - board with a jet-set glow. Not to mention, it saves panic self-tanning as soon as you arrive. The best time to apply fake tan is two days before you leave when you're not in a rush. Take the time to exfoliate elbows, knees and ankles, moisturise thoroughly and be patient whilst sinks into skin to ensure a non-streaky finish. Then apply a natural looking self-tanning lotion all over, with a tanning mitt, and sleep in it. Over the next two days, keep moisturising after showering and your glow will have settled in to a flawless finish, ready for a light top-up before you hit the beach. When tanning your face use a facial self-tanner for added skin benefits, I prefer Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser RRP £9.99 as it's packed with moisture.

Prep your legs peleeze ladies

Great legs are holiday's 'it' accessory, so don't leave hair removal until you reach your hotel room. Start two weeks ahead of your take off date with daily body scrubbing; I prefer dry body brushing, which takes a bit of getting used to but gives good glow by boosting circulation and evening out skin texture and blemishes. Or try a body scrub and soak in the bath every other night to prep the skin and make shaving a smooth seamless experience. I recommend pre-holiday shaving with Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry Razor RRP £10.99 combined with a nourishing shaving cream like Gillette Venus Satin Care Shaving Gel RRP £3.99 for a luxe hydrated finish. This way, you merely need to clean up fresh hair growth on holiday with a travel-sized razor like Gillette Venus Snap RRP £9.99.

Prepare your hair

Hair is often the neglected younger sibling to skin when it comes to holiday prepping. But, heed this gentle warning: Fail to nourish your hair and come the end of summer, your hair dresser will be wagging her/his finger at you, scissors in arms. I have fallen for Herbal Essences bio:renew range RRP £6.00 for two reasons. One, it's antioxidant rich with Histidine, a natural purifier that helps remove the build-up of free radicals. It revives dull hair, making it the perfect pre and post-holiday companion as hair is exposed to chlorine, salt sand and sun. Secondly, it nourishes parched locks and contains aloe vera and sea kelp. Expect soft, vibrant hair every day.

Lighten your load with some smart shopping

The best tip I've ever received from a well-heeled traveller was to save sun, skin and hair care product shopping for the airport. Not only does this savvy shopping hack leave more room in my suitcase for shoes, it lightens my load and takes the stress out of packing. I simply store a chic shopper in my carry on and once through security, I head straight to a cosmetic store where I fill it up before boarding the plane.