8 ways to spring clean your beauty routine

Include your make-up bag and toiletries in your big spring clean, and you might even find a gorgeous new look for the new season…

Most of us turn our eyes to our home when it comes to spring cleaning. But it’s also a great opportunity to clear out all kinds of clutter – including that dried-up mascara and those near-empty bottles of lotions and potions taking up space on the bathroom shelves.

Not only will your home look better for it, but you’ll rediscover old products you love – it feels like shopping in your own home, and without spending any money! Take a look at our tips for a step-by-step guide on having a good-old clear out.

1. Audit your kit

Get everything together (yes, including that ancient tube of concealer hiding at the back of the bathroom cupboard!) and check all expiry dates – products are perishable and can be breeding grounds for bacteria if used for too long. Bin those, along with any cosmetics or colours you’ve not used in a while.

2. Blitz those brushes

Another place that’s bliss for bacteria is your brushes, so give them a thorough clean to get rid of old make-up. There are specialist cleaners on the market, but warm water and washing-up liquid will do a pretty good job too. Make sure to change pads and brush heads on any home cleansing devices too.

3. Get sunscreen sorted

Wearing an SPF is a daily essential, but it becomes even more crucial once the weather warms up. It’s built into many moisturisers and foundations, so it’s super easy. Now is also a good time to check the expiry dates of any sunscreen left over from last year’s holiday, and chuck any that won’t be good this summer.

4. Switch up formulas

Your skincare needs don’t stay the same all year round. Those rich moisturisers, body lotions and foundations that worked a treat in winter can leave springtime skin looking greasy. Swap these, which are often heavy and derive their richness from being oil-based, for lighter water-based alternatives.

5. Get back to basics

Clear out all those half-empty bottles of shampoos and conditioners: all you need is Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Supreme Moisture. This multi-tasking marvel packs a powerful moisturising punch. It nourishes dry hair back to gorgeousness, while offering long-lasting dandruff protection too.

6. Try a restyle

Winter can take its toll on your tresses, so hit up the hairdresser to chop off those fried split ends. Now is a great time to try a shorter, lighter cut, but if you don’t want to do anything too drastic, simply swapping out your styling products can refresh your look without the commitment of a cut.

7. Mattify your make-up

Cosmetics that give you a dewy glow are great for enlivening winter skin. However, come spring you don’t need as much help in the dewiness department, so use a mattifying primer underneath your foundation, or finishing spray after applying your base.

8. Use colourful cosmetics

We tend to go for deep, dark shades in winter – think burgundy lips, black eye liner and oxblood nails. Get yourself more in the mood of summer by adopting a brighter make-up palette. Go for pink lipstick, blue rimmed eyes and a coral manicure.

Will you try a new hairdo for spring? Let us know in the comments below.