Beauty talk: Does your period affect your look?

That time of the month is enough of a drag already – don’t let it bring your beauty regime down. Follow our guide to looking your best while your period does its worst.

Puffy eyes, limp and lacklustre hair and a dull complexion – these are just some of the beauty troubles that can come with your period.

In a Facebook poll, 79% of Beauty Recommended readers told us that they feel less beautiful during their time of the month. So we got our experts together to learn their secrets for looking good and feeling confident when Aunt Flo visits.

“My make-up doesn’t look right”

It can feel as if nothing is right when you’re on your period. But changing up details such as your make-up can lift your mood and make you feel more confident.

Try using a cream eye shadow rather than a powder. It looks fresher and more modern – plus, cream textures have an anti-ageing effect, which will boost confidence.

Pair that with bright, velvety-looking lips. Start by applying lip balm and blot to ensure it doesn’t leave too much residue. Smooth foundation over your lips then lightly dust with powder before applying your lipstick. Blot then reapply for a stunning finish.

“My hair has no oomph”

Flat, dry hair during your period? A glossy blow dry and volumising hair products can come to the rescue.

Celebrity hair stylist and Pantene ambassador Danilo recommends Pantene Pro-V Volume Booster Spray Gel. Here’s how the pros do it: start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, then spray the Pantene gel on the roots. Using the nozzle, blow dry hair away from the scalp, brushing with a round bristled brush for intense volume.

“For extra bounce, a good trick is to tip hair upside down and blast through with hot air,” says Danilo. “Mist with hairspray to finish.”

“My skin looks puffy”

In our Facebook poll, you told us that the menstrual cycle has an annoying way of causing puffy eyes and skin. A little light massage during your daily cleansing routine can help by draining away excess fluid, according to celebrity facialist and Olay ambassador Anastasia Achilleos.

“Rub cleanser around your face in fast, small circular motions to give skin a glow, starting at the chin and finishing at the forehead,” she says. Why not give yourself an extra lift with aromatherapy? Anastasia suggests removing your cleanser with a warm face towel soaked in water with lavender oil, then wrung out. “It’s an instant mood lift,” she says.

“I feel and look tired”

When you’ve got a million and one things to do and you’re dealing with the discomfort of your period, it can get you down. And while can’t stop the hectic pace of life, there could be a way to get through it a little easier.

A carefully chosen perfume can give your spirits a lift in testing times. Go for a perfume with clean, aromatic notes as it has the power to make you feel more energised. Or, try citrus scents to create that light, fresh feeling.

“My face has lost its glow”

Many of you said your skin looks lacklustre during your time of the month, but a little work on your eye area can help to brighten up your whole complexion.

The best way to give your skin a wide-awake look is with an eye roller and light-reflecting concealer. Try Olay Regenerist Advanced Age-Defying Roller to hydrate the eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Then apply concealer below your eyes with a brush, gently pressing it in with a finger for a seamless finish. The light reflecting particles will bounce light off the skin and brighten up your whole face.

“I need better protection during my period”

Nothing drains away your confidence on your period faster than uncomfortable or unreliable pads. If that’s dragging you down, try switching to Always Infinity. It replaced the fibres of traditional sanitary towels with a revolutionary new foam called Infinicel, which can absorb up to 10 times its own weight – twice as much as you’re likely to need. It moulds to the shape of your body just like memory foam, making it amazingly comfortable and invisible with no bunching.