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Claudia Winkleman: My 6 beauty secrets

Brought to you by Head and Shoulders
Claudia Winkleman: My 6 beauty secrets

Q: In style circles you are known for having your own signature hairstyle, what tips do you have to help women find their unique style and own it?

A: 'Well, I think choosing a uniform and just sticking with it is incredibly wise. I'm not one of those women who can get up one day and go 'oh today I'm going to dress as a cow girl, I'll wear a gingham shirt!' And then the next day go, 'this time I want to dress like a vixen I'll wear skinny black trousers.' I just had to find something and go with it, I suppose because I had a lot of offspring and was working.'

Q: How would you describe your look?

A: 'Dishevelled, ramshackle, hopefully slept in. I like to look like a cross between Steven Tyler and Chrissie Hynde after a particularly big night out. Like a pirate! Like a pirate, who has slept in a skip is what I'm after. Not polished.'

Q; Why is it important to be confident about your own personal style?

A: 'Well I think confidence is important in anything. Some people get that from their style, some people get that from the way they speak, or from where they go on holiday, or how good they are at Sudoku. So, whatever it is, I think confidence is important. I feel confident because I've got a fringe down to my chin and I wear enough eyeliner to sink a cruise liner, it makes me feel joyful.'

Q: In recent years, aggressive anti-aging has taken a back seat to ageing well and being the happiest most confident version of yourself. In vein of this new mood what are your beauty tips for feeling great as you are?

A: 'My favourite thing is getting old. I mean I can't wait, I'm really going to look my best at sixty-eight. That's when I'm going to town and will be buying a kitten. I think you can't fight it because it's happening, that train has left the station. In my opinion, trying to fight it isn't very attractive. It's all about owning it.'

Q: What is the best hair tip you've been given?

A: 'Don't wash it too much. I went through a phase, when I was a bit bored at University and would do anything to avoid a lecture, where I was washing my hair at least twice a day, and then of course it needs it. Whereas now, with this magnificent Head and Shoulders product - Nourishing Care Shampoo infused with Lavender - I wash it probably three times a week and I look forward to washing it. It's like delicious Greek yoghurt. That doesn't sound right. but you've got to trust me that it's amazing and once you start using it you can't stop.'

Q: What are your top five summer beauty products for home and abroad?

A: 'Well, anything! My skin doesn't understand sun or any kind of tanning from the sun. It can only recognise tan from a nozzle. So definitely fake tan! Also I love lip salve and a nice hair elastic. Head and Shoulders new 3Action Formula Nourishing Care Shampoo with Lavender Essence from RRP £2.99 and a floor length kaftan that you can just waft around in.


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