Daily luxuries to make you feel good every day

Add a touch of luxe to your life to elevate the everyday - and without breaking the bank. After all, you deserve it.

When you think of luxury, what comes to mind? Chances are it's the kind of thing that comes with a hefty price tag - think five-star hotels, first-class flights and a flashy designer wardrobe.

But you don't need to flash the cash to add a touch of luxe to your life. Instead, try our simple ideas to give yourself a little guilt-free lift every day.

1. Smooth operator

Silky soft and smooth skin is a little luxury that is in reach of everyone. Instead of nicking your partner's razor - and probably nicking your skin in the process - upgrade the experience of your daily grooming regime with Venus & Olay. You won't even need shaving cream thanks to the Olay moisture bars integrated in the razors.

2. Face facts

Hitting up the salon for regular facials can be costly, but that doesn't mean you can't have the luxury of great skin. Invest once in a Braun FaceSpa for ultra-cleansed and fresh skin. Its cleansing brush is six times as effective as manual cleansing, and the skin-vitalising pad gives a stimulating facial massage that will give you smoother skin after only three treatments.

3. Skin food

Healthy, nourished skin is an easily achievable luxury, thanks to Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF15. It will give you a radiant glow while gently exfoliating and subtly firming your skin for a visibly younger look.

4. Make scents

Surrounding yourself with your favourite fragrances is a lovely way to bring luxury to your life. That doesn't need to mean spritzing expensive perfumes and slathering on pricey body lotions. Instead, why not try adding Lenor Parfum des Secrets to your laundry? There are four heavenly fragrances to choose from, and they penetrate deep into your wash so you can carry the scent with you all day.

5. Lunchtime love

Scoffing down a soggy sandwich at your desk is hardly the lunch of dreams. Once a week, elevate the experience by splashing out and treating yourself to a lunch you can really love. If you're at home, rustle up something special and eat at the table rather than wolfing down whatever you find in the fridge before dashing out on the school run.

6. Lush locks

If your crowning glory is more grim than glorious, then get it back to its luxurious best with the help of new Aussie Pure Locks, a gentle new range that combats product build-up, heat damage and pollution to restore a healthy glow to your hair.

7. Duvet day

That feeling of slipping into bed at the end of a long day is lovely enough, but fresh, clean sheets make it even better, especially when they are soothingly scented. Make it ultra-deluxe by adding Lenor Parfum des Secrets to your laundry when washing your bed linen, for a finely fragranced journey to the land of nod.

8. Blow out

The dream: having a celebrity-style glam squad on hand to do your hair and make-up on a daily basis. The reality: scraping your hair into a messy bun as you head out on the school run. Find the glamorous middle ground by hitting the blow-dry bar for a confidence-boosting blow-out - good hair day, guaranteed!

9. Blooming lovely

For instantly cheering colour and an uplifting scent, it's hard to beat fresh flowers. Whether they're freshly picked from your garden, or a cheapo bunch you chucked into the trolley while doing the supermarket shop, they're an affordable luxury it's hard to beat.

10. Burning up

When you can't stretch to a celebrity-style designer frock, a simple way to bring some A-list luxury to your home is by burning a posh candle. Loved by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Madonna, scented candles add an opulent touch to your home and provide an instant mood boost.

What's the ultimate luxury you'd splash out on if money were no object? Let us know in the comments below.