Meet our beauty vlogger, Emma

Hi! I am a 28-year-old freelance software engineer from London. I love shopping and hanging out with friends, and am really into fitness - especially fun sports like football and even a bit of kickboxing!

My confession…

I’m a bit of shopaholic, I just love shopping for clothes and beauty products and am always getting packages delivered at home! I love to try out new looks and products that I hear about on the internet of from friends.

Beauty products I can’t live without…

Obviously I can’t live without any of it.. :) But if I was really pushed to list my bare essentials, it would always have to be:

  • a really great cleanser, preferably one that tightens pores and leaves skin looking hydrated
  • SPF 30 tinted moisturiser
  • a light concealer for brightening my under the eye area
  • tinted lip balm

What’s my skin care routine…

Every evening as soon as I can I remove any makeup and cleanse my face, splash with cold water, and apply a blemish treatment to any would-be problem areas. Then moisturise with something quite rich.

Mornings are a bit simpler, with just a cleanse with a muslin cloth, cold water splash and light moisturiser, maybe some eye cream if I have one that I am liking at the time!

I’m a great believer in…

Exfoliation! But quite gentle exfoliation with a muslin cloth, every day, with my cleanser. I think it helps keep the skin looking smooth and plump, though it is important not to go over board as it can dry your face out.

My main obsession…

I’m pretty obsessed with my eyebrows, I think it’s really important to keep them groomed. I pluck them every day and am constantly brushing them up!

What beauty products will you be reviewing today?

  • Olay Ultimate Eye Cream RRP £24.99
  • Aussie Miracle Nourish 3 Minute Miracle RRP £4.99

Meet our beauty vlogger, Emma