Ageless Beauty: 4 good-for-you tech upgrades

4 good-for-you tech upgrades

Check your face age on your phone

You are one selfie away from knowing your face's age thanks to Olay's new skin advisor. A web based skin analytics tool that estimates your visible skin age so that you can personalise your skincare regime to suit your skin's needs. Olay Skin Advisor could help cut the confusion out of product shopping. Using VizID™ technology with deep learning, simply snap a photo on your phone, upload it to Olay Skin Advisor, and wait for the magic number to appear. After answering a few simple questions, the web-based app acts like a virtual beauty expert and recommends a personalised regimen to help you reduce or maintain your skin age overtime. Try it for yourself here

Whiten teeth with a smart toothbrush

Allow us to dispel the notion that all power toothbrushes are alike. More than just a fancy vibrating brush that looks smart on your bathroom shelf, Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush RRP £280.00 is actually good for your health. How so? By synching your brush to the Oral B smartphone app, your phone will display the four zones of your mouth and show you how long you are spending on each zone as you are brushing. Not only does this help you not to miss areas, it encourages you to brush for the recommended two minutes, so teeth appear brighter and gums become healthier. Furthermore, Triple Pressure Sensor Technology protects gums from over brushing by decelerating the brush speed, stopping the pulsations, and visually alerting you when you are brushing too hard. Did we mention it looks pretty fly too?

Meditate with Headspace

Hint: Meditation is going mainstream, and it's no wonder as it's been scientifically proven to help you sleep better, worry less and focus more. The good news is, there's no need to fly off to an ashram, you don't need to hire a guru, nor do you have to give up red. These days, 10 minutes of meditation is as simple as downloading an app. Headspace is one of the simplest guided meditation apps, and if it's simple it's worth doing. The best bit? You can personalise your meditation session to suit you by choosing from a collection depending on your mood and lifestyle.

App yourself nutritious

Myfitnesspal can be used to track exercise and calories to help you stick to a healthy track or work towards a specific goal. BUT, the best bit about it is the nutritional information that's decoded from the foods you record in your daily food journal. The benefit? You can keep a track of how many macro and micro nutrients you're getting on a daily basis, making sure you're getting all your vitamins and are hydrated.