Expert Trend: Find your beauty PMA (positive mental attitude)

4 ways to brighten up your beauty routine

1. Be happy for your health

Ok, this sounds corny. But it works. Seriously. According to a new study conducted by Olay and personal genetics company 23andMe, a positive attitude and high rated self-health are shown to improve how well you age. So, get juicing, hit that yoga flow class and wake up with a spring in your step. May I also recommend antioxidants in your skincare. We recommend Olay Essentials Complete Care Multi Radiance Fluid RRP £9.99 with vitamins B3, E, plus light reflecting particles to boot.

2. Brighten your nails

I've had a beauty epiphany. The colour of your nails matters to the state of your mind. Truly. A smear of coral lipstick pleases others; but nails, they're just for you; A subtle pick-me-up staring back at you every time you wash your hands, type an email or grab hold of the steering wheel of your car. So, here's the thing: keep them bright, keep them groomed, and you'll elevate your mood a notch or two. There's two shades that never fail to lift the corners of my mouth: orange and pink. The shade is up to you and your skin tone, but my advice is to keep things slick by applying a shiny top coat. A recommendation? Jin Soon Nail Polish in Pop Orange £15, is a delightful shade of hot, happy orange.

3. Summerise your hair texture

It's the small things in life that make you smile, and hair is no exception. A simple switch of texture from straight to not-so-straight gives off more of a carefree vibe, which helps relax ones' shoulders ever so slightly. It doesn't require much more than one of two things: A smattering of dry shampoo in roots and mid-lengths to volumise and texturise day-old hair. Or, if you've got an extra few minutes, some mild scrunching with a styling spray, whilst blow-drying, gives hair an easy breezy holiday vibe. I recommend: Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo RRP £2.99. And for supreme scrunch factor try Aussie Miracle Beach Waves Spray RRP £4.99.

4. Brighten your complexion

Bronzing, self-tanning, glow enhancing...however you want to play it, decorating your face with a bit of beauty glow is an instant mood booster. In this instance, I recommend Olay Essentials Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Moisturising Cream RRP £9.99. The gradual golden glow is enough to deliver a punch to washed-out skin. Note: a golden glow works a treat with tip no.2.