Get party-fabulous in just 20 minutes

Get party-fabulous in just 20 minutes

It’s party season, but gone are the days when you could spend hours getting ready, right? Relax – with these tips you’ll be set to sparkle in less than half an hour. Ready, set, go!

10-minute party prep

Jump in the shower and get rid of any rogue stubble with a Venus & Olay ComfortGlide Razor. The Olay-enriched moisture bars mean you don’t have to use shaving foam – saving you precious party-prep minutes.

As you’re drying, clean your teeth with Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste to help remove surface stains and leave your smile sparkling and your breath fresh. Then apply your moisturiser (try Olay Whip Luminous for radiant skin in seconds) and slather on some body lotion – why not go for one with a bit of a shimmer? It is Christmas after all!

Five-minute party hair

Whether you have straight hair or wavy locks, adding some neat and bouncy curls to your hair is a quick-and-easy trick to up your party look – all you need is a pair of hair straighteners (yes, you read that right!).

Wash your hair the night before the party with Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. This double-whammy product ensures you’ll have no embarrassing dandruff flakes on your party dress and leaves your hair smooth, sleek and shiny. Plus washing it the night before means your hair is more likely to hold its style.

On the night, brush out your locks and spritz with a heat-protector spray. Gather a section of hair about an inch wide and grip your hair straighteners around halfway down the section.

Twist your straighteners 180° towards the back of your head and pull away from your head, towards the end of your hair – it’s a similar move to how you would curl a ribbon with a pair of scissors.

Release your hair once you’ve reached the end, and you should be left with a lovely ringlet. Repeat this in rough sections around the top of your hair and a few sections underneath. Tease out the curls with your fingers and set with hairspray.

Five-minute smoky eyes

No party look is complete without smoky eyes – and it doesn’t have to be a messy faff. Simply choose a palette of eyeshadows in various shades of the same colour – try greens, purples, browns or classic charcoal.

Start with the lightest shimmery shade, applying it all over your lids, right up to your eyebrows and the inner corner of your eyes. Then pick the middle shade and cover the lids and line underneath the eyes.

Lastly, work the darkest shade along and just above your eye sockets, following the shape of your brow line. Use a thin brush to apply the darkest shade along your lower lash lines, and finish with a slick of eyeliner and mascara. Voila!

Finish your party face with a sheer foundation, a warm blush on your cheeks and highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, keeping lips neutral to let your eyes do all the talking.

Now all that’s left to do is pop on your party outfit and you’re ready to go!

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