How to shape your eyebrows

Groomed big eyebrows have adorned the catwalks for seasons now, so we have to pay attention to our own arches. Here’s how…

Striking groomed eyebrows are adorning the catwalks, so it’s time to pay attention to ours. Lots of us skip over them if we’re in a hurry, but it’s important to shape them as they define and frame your eye, and also helps to achieve this season’s “polished perfection” look.

Remove any stray hairs

So while brows are big, they need to be neat. Remove any stray hairs and ensure you have a lovely subtle arch, and whatever you do don’t go too thin along the outer edges.

Thorough eyebrow shaping

To define your shape further, use a pencil and lift the top arch. Never draw the eyebrows round and down as this will have an aging effect.

Never skip mascara

Boost your brow power with wide, open eyes. The best mascara opens up your eyes without making you look too made up.