How to get HIM date night ready

Relationship experts agree, date nights are an important part of keeping the spark alive. But here's how to make sure he makes as much of an effort as you do…

When you've got young kids, it's all too easy to let things slide. From wearing your oldest T-shirt every day for fear of getting baby sick (or worse) on anything half-decent, to counting washing your hair as a luxury, looking your best is probably somewhere at the bottom of your long to-do list.

However, on those rare nights you manage to bag a babysitter and summon the energy to leave the house with your other half, it's great to be able to put on your best dress and take the time over your hair and make-up.

But let's be honest: your other half needs to make an effort, too, and if your guy's more caveman than metrosexual, he may require a bit of help when it comes to smartening up.

Here are just four steps you can encourage him to take that will make all the difference on date night...

Get him looking trim

No we're not expecting him to shed those holiday pounds overnight - after all, he's cute when he's a bit squidgy. This is about making sure his hair is in check.

The last thing you want on your date is the risk of stubble rash - or, even worse, his nose or ear hair preventing you even getting that far!

But, with the help of the Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK3020, he can be groomed to perfection, without setting foot in a barber.

With six different attachments, he can use the four combs, covering 13 precision lengths, to perfectly coif his hair and craft his beard, and blitz any nose and ear hair with the specially designed trimmer heads.

With 40 minutes of precision trimming from a 10-hour charge, the head and combs are fully washable for easy cleaning under running water, and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades ensure a clean, precise cut.

Smooth kisses, here you come!

Don't forget a man-icure

Dirty fingernails can be a real turn-off, so make sure your man has a good scrub with a nail brush, trims his nails and perhaps even gives them a buff to add a little shine.

And gently remind him to take care of his toenails too - no one wants a man with claws for toes!

No creases please

Even if he's happy to wear a shirt and trousers for your date night, if they're creased up, he'll look just as scruffy as if he was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Well, almost.

Drop a not-so subtle hint by ironing your outfit and then letting him know you've left the iron out for him so he can do his shirt and trousers too.

Freshen up

We're sure your man would think to have a shower before date night, but remind him that a good teeth clean and spritz of his favourite aftershave will make all the difference, and ensure this date goes from good to great.

How do you encourage your man to get date-night ready? Let us know in the comments section below.