How to take care of your beard?

It’s a little-known fact that having a beard has multiple benefits, especially during the colder months of the year.  With spring approaching but winter not yet behind us, allow us to shed some light on the benefits that growing a beard can have for you at this chilly time of year.  There might be more to having a beard than you think!

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Growing a beard 

Whether you’re thinking of growing a little extra fuzz or a fully-fledged beard, you’ll be pleased to know that growing out your facial hair can work to your advantage in many ways - not to mention help make those cold weather spells that little bit more bearable.

Discover our top 5 reasons on why growing your beard for winter and into spring goes a long way


1. Beard keeps you warm

Probably the most obvious reason - but important not to forget!  Men are naturally meant to grow facial hair so what better way to make use of it than for warmth against the cold winter weather? Your beard will keep your skin underneath stay warmer and act as a barrier for the more delicate parts of your face, around your mouth.


2. Beards lock in moisture

While your beard is a good insulator, it will also pack in moisture, which is especially important in the dry winter and spring months.  Remember to use a good beard oil every now and then to moisturize your skin and beard for another added layer of protection.

King C. Gillette offers an excellent range of beard care products from their Beard Care Kit with all the essentials you need to not only survive the winter - but thrive!  Your beard has the ability to store humidity, meaning no more brittle skin or hair!


3. Beards make for happier and healthier skin

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin with increased chances of nasty breakouts and proneness to things like cold sores cropping up.  Luckily, having some facial hair is a practical solution that can better protect your skin and drastically reduce your chances of having as many unwanted blemishes.  


4. Beards have health benefits

Facial hair works as a protective layer minimizing the potential harm caused by environmental factors like harmful sun rays, also known as ultraviolet radiation.  Despite being winter, the sun can still pose a risk of sunburn, especially to those with sensitive skin who are prone to burning in the summer. 

Be extra careful if you’re going on a skiing holiday as UV ray exposure increases in high altitudes and snow and ice can worsen sun damage due to the reflective surface. Having a beard as your very own sunshade will therefore help lessen the risk of burns and skin cancer but remember to wear sunscreen on the parts of your face that aren’t covered!


In addition, your beard can help keep your skin looking young and fresh against the harsh conditions of cold and sun, meaning less likelihood for dry skin, wrinkles and visible signs of aging.  Never has there been more reason for growing a beard!  


5. Beards are stylish

I’m sure all the ladies can agree that men with beards exude a certain “je ne sais quoi” and beards can be a defining facial feature.  There are so many facial hair styles to choose from that you can shape yours into whatever works for you!  Stubble? Moustache? Goatee or full grown beard? You’ll soon find out how to master the art of beard grooming, to make for a new, stylish, confident version of you. Using a King C. Gillette Double Edge Saftey Razor will allow for ultimate styling precision and strong beard lines. Let your beard do the talking!


How to grow a beard?

  1. Let it grow out! - For a nice even beard, the best way to fill in patchiness is to grow it out for a couple of months before trimming it.  Your beard needs at least 30 days to grow properly so give it some time!

  2. Structure your beard lines - After 30 days, tidy up your cheeks and neckline with an electric razor trimming along the bottom line just above your Adam’s Apple and be careful not to trim it too high.  Follow the shape of your jaw and for the outer edges, trim straight down the back of the sideburns until you reach the bottom line.

  3. Keep it trimmed and tamed - Growing out your beard can mean you often you get a few stray hairs here and there, so be sure to have some scissors ready to trim any stragglers that grow a bit longer than the rest. And of course, be sure to tame your frizz and care for your beard using the best possible products, which we’ll now cover!



How to take care of beard?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of sporting a beard, it’s time to learn how to care for it properly. When the weather is not too kind, at least be kind to your beard, because if you take care of your beard, it will take care of you! 


1. Minimize hot water

Much like we are told to avoid washing our hair with boiling hot water (something many of us are guilty of), it is also advised to follow the same rules for your beard.  Hot water can strip your skin and hair of natural oils which would otherwise be key moisture and nourishment.  If not careful, the cold season can dry out your beard hair leading your skin to be dry and itchy skin and facial hair to be weak and coarse.  Stay away from the enemy and keep your showers and face washing routine as cool as possible to allow your hair to retain its natural oils.

2. Shampoo less

Keeping your beard clean is important, but so is being sure not to excessively shampoo as this can cause more harm than good!  Aim to rinse your beard with water every day and shampoo twice a week during winter months.  This will ensure that your beard remains clean with no build up of dirt and gets the optimal amount of deep cleansing needed to maintain tip top condition.  King C. Gillette has the perfect beard and face wash for taking care of your beard with ingredients of argan and avocado oil, plus coconut water to create a rich lather and deep clean to soften and nourish your facial hair.  

3. Moisturize more


Alongside cleansing your beard, a top beard growth tip is to remember to condition it regularly in winter, at least 3-4 times a week for a luxurious and powerful looking beard!  It is advised to avoid beard products containing damaging substances to your hair, such as sulfates, silicones and parabens so be mindful when choosing the perfect product for you.  


In terms of conditioning beard treatments, you really are spoilt for choice.  Once again King C. Gillette hold all the essential beard goods you need with over a century’s worth of innovation and expertise to formulate the likes of their beard oil, beard balm and face and stubble moisturizer   These products are all designed to provide your beard with the vital nutrients it needs and leave your beard feeling softer and smoother than ever before.

Old Spice has also become a staple for grooming and continues to impress with its Beard Conditioner that you can leave in or wash out - either way your beard is going to look amazing but also smell amazing with a cocktail of citrus & vanilla with spicy undertones.  


4. Get into good grooming habits


Winter can be an easy time to let your beard go wild and before you know it overgrown.  It can take time and perseverance to get into a good grooming routine but the results are well worth it!  Get the balance between keeping your beard bushy yet neat or stubbly yet sharp.


King C. Gilllette Neck Razor and King C. Gillette Shave and Edging Razor are designed to shave tricky and sensitive areas like your neck, to help maintain neat facial hair and create any desired look.  Brush and comb your beard often to keep it tidy, healthy and hygienic.  This is also good for ensuring that moisture from your care products is spread evenly through your hair.  Your beard will certainly thank you for it!

So, facial hair is pretty useful in cold weather huh?  Why not try to change up your hair routine and notice what benefits you see!