Tricks for keeping your make-up smudge free when it’s hot

Tricks for keeping your make-up smudge free when it’s hot

Does your make-up melt off your face quicker than ice cream off its cone on a hot summer’s day? Then try these tips to melt no more…

It’s a gorgeous summer’s day and you’re ready to enjoy some al-fresco fun. So you step out with immaculate make-up… but when you return it’s practically disappeared, right?

It’s true that hot temperatures can play havoc with make-up, as it slips and smudges as the day goes on. But these tricks should help you look perfectly put together all day long, even when the temperatures soar…

Prep your skin

It’s vital to wear an SPF on your face. So smooth a pump of Olay Total Effects with SPF30 into your skin, which offers an oil-free, fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula that won’t clog pores.

The moisturiser also fights seven signs of ageing by replenishing moisture, evening skin tone, enhancing brightness, smoothing lines and wrinkles, minimising pores, restoring firmness and, of course, protecting your skin against the ageing effects of the sun. So your skin will look better before you’ve even put make-up on!

If you still want to apply some foundation, wait at least five minutes after you’ve applied your moisturiser, then use a primer to give the foundation something to cling to. And dab some eye primer onto your lids to prevent your shadow creasing, too.

Less is more

Thanks to a healthy glow, our skin often looks better in summer, so you may find you need to use less product than usual anyway. See if you can switch your foundation for a CC cream, for example, or simply apply concealer to problem areas.

And it’s best to save those smokey eyes for sultry winter nights; instead opt for sheer pastel or natural shades for a gorgeous summery look. For a striking effect, switch your black eyeliner for purple, blue or green, but only apply it on your top lid to avoid panda eyes.

Layer it

To give make-up more staying power, you could apply more than one coat. For example, smudge a creamy eyeshadow onto your eyelid before setting it with a powder in the same shade. And after applying your eyeliner, use a flat brush to press a line of eyeshadow in the same shade over the top to double up on the staying power.

Wear waterproofs

Even if you’re not going for a dip in the pool, waterproof make-up is still a good idea as it will help fight any smudges . Opt for a waterproof eyebrow pencil or gel and a waterproof mascara to keep things neat.

Finish with a flourish

Use a powder bronzer to help set your make-up, as well as give you a readymade healthy glow. Go for matte rather than shimmery though, as the latter will emphasise any shine if you start to sweat . You need to avoid the cakey look too, however, so apply it sparingly. Use a big soft brush to apply it anywhere the sun would naturally tan: so the top of your forehead, your nose and the tops of your cheekbones.

To add a rosy glow, a cream-based blusher is best, as it will stick to your skin without looking cakey or streaky, like a powder blush could. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones, up towards your hair line.

Finally, finish with a spritz of make-up fixing spray and you’re ready to go!

What tricks do you use to keep your make-up in place on a hot summer’s day?

We’d love to hear your secrets in the comments section below.


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