Max your look

Bring out your finest features without the trek or the cost of the beauty parlour.

Your face

• In winter use a lighter foundation than in summer – it shouldn’t be noticeably a different colour to the rest of your skin when you apply it between the cheekbone and jaw.
• Then apply a very slightly darker colour over the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead to add a beautiful subtly contrasting tone.

Your eyes

• Darker eyeshadow will deepen a hollow appearance – highlighting contours and lashlines.
• Lighter eyeshadows make key points stand out – giving a fresh look to eyelids and browbones.
• Brown mascara tends to be more flattering as you get older and your skin tone changes.
• Blue mascara makes the whites of your eyes stand out more.


• A matt finish creates a more subtle, sophisticated, natural finish.
• Use a pearl lipstick or gloss to reflect the light to accentuate lips for a sexy look.
• Smaller lips can be exaggerated with a brighter colour, a darker colour will play down a fuller lip.

Savvy tip

Moisturise your skin and allow a minute for this to settle before applying foundation. This makes it easier to blend foundation in and avoid caking.