Meet your new season beauty wardrobe

4 gorgeous autumn updates

1. It's all about the fringe

From short crops to sharp bobs, there's no better time to lop off your hair. However, we've uncovered something less radical but equally impressive. From above-the-brow to eye skimming, this season's fringe is a fresh, anti-ageing way to update your look without losing length, and we say it's a smart way to go. Blow-dry sleek or give your fringe some texture with Aussie Uplift Your Hair Hairspray RRP £3.99.

2. Mix up your hair texture

Welcome news for busy on-the-go types, the new thing in hair is to mix up your hair texture. So, here's what we mean; Take your hair dryer to one section of your hair, such as the area framing your face, smoothing it to glossy perfection. Then, leave the rest to dry naturally with a little texturizing spray. Going for a fringe? Leave it wavy, and blow-dry the lengths to a sleek finish. Whatever your style, leave something a little bit un-done. We recommend: Aussie Mega Detangler Spray RRP £4.99.

3. Embrace wearing lipstick

Investing in a proper old-school lipstick is the quickest way to upgrade your makeup spec. We say opt for a moisturising matte texture as this always looks more sophisticated than a shimmering finish. As for colour, we recommend trying a rich berry or a warm brick tone, as both appear to give the skin and teeth a boost.

4. Pamper your body

Glowing skin doesn't stop at your face; the most youthful among us take care of the skin on their limbs too. With central heating and colder temperatures looming, skin - on legs especially - can get dehydrated quickly so switch your body lotion for a rich body butter or an oil. For super smooth results, switch your razor for an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) system. We recommend Braun Silk-Expert IPL Special Beauty Edition RRP £399.99.