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Opposites attract: Where to over and under play your look

One of the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my years as a beauty editor is how opposites attract. No, I’m not referring to romantic relationships, but the relationship between hair and makeup. If you look into the science of beauty style, those who always get it right strike this balance of bold and natural perfectly. When I say it’s a science, I merely mean to say it’s a formula that never fails. So, here’s how it’s done. Pick your thing and work against it – for example, your go-to occasion style is red lipstick, wear it in the day with a white t-shirt and jeans and underplay it’s boldness with a simple ponytail or straight hair. If you have mastered the art of a beehive, rock it with confidence. But don’t be tempted to throw bright lips and statement eyeshadow into the mix, or you’re in danger of up ageing yourself by at least a decade Instead, team your up-do with natural makeup and a low key frock. My favourite way to make an entrance is with red lips and tousled natural hair. I do the same with smoky eyes. Whilst it’s tempting to go all black, the combination of strong makeup and relaxed hair always serves me well when I look back at the pictures later.