Q&A: Anti-ageing tricks

Discover anti-ageing secrets as a make up-artist to the stars answers your burning questions.

Q: I had a baby 4 months ago and my skin has stopped looking fresh. My skin always feels exhausted no matter what I do. Do you have any tips to give it a boost? Najat Rajeh-Hunt

A: When you’re tired your cell renewal slows down, therefore you need to regenerate your skin by using liquid exfoliators and serums to boost the skins texture and appearance. I’d recommend incorporating Olay Anti-wrinkle 2-in-1 Day Cream & Serum into your skincare regime – it should help you through this busy time.

Q: I have sensitive skin with fine lines and several dark spots on my face. I’m also prone to blackheads when I use certain facial moisturisers. What would you advise? Anne Davis

A: The dark spots are pigmentation so make sure you wear SPF50 on a daily basis. There are products on the market to diminish and break down pigmentation. Any skin exposure to the sun will immediately bring it back. Blackheads are not caused by moisturiser, but if you have a tendency to have blocked skin then use oil-free products that take care of blemishes. I’d recommend Olay Total Effects Blemish Care 7-in-1 Moisturiser.

Q: I'm 37 years old and still get oily skin, so I need a moisturiser and foundation that will combat the ageing effect whilst also reducing oil and create an even skin tone. Please can you help with a recommendation? Leanne Sharland

A: Lucky you, oily skin means fewer lines! Use a primer that mattes the oily area of your skin and simply apply it to the t-zone – this will allow you to use a dewy foundation on your skin, giving you a contemporary look without looking oily. I recommend using a cream foundation, it will give you a fresh, semi-radiant result, which looks beautiful.

Q: What would you recommend for closing large pores that have increased in size with age? Louise Scutt

A: You can’t really close large pores unless you have laser, but you can use make-up to disguise them. Use a primer before your foundation and keep the skin as matte as possible for the best finish. Anything shiny on the skin will enhance the uneven surface of your complexion.