6 ways to change your look in just 3 minutes

If you’re stuck in a style rut, here are some quick, easy and super-cheap (or even free) ways to change your look…

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We all have days when we stare at a wardrobe stuffed with clothes and think: “I have nothing to wear!”

Of course, you do - but it just means you’re growing bored with your style and might be wondering how to change your look. But you probably don’t have the time or the money for a complete wardrobe overhaul, right?

However, with some simple changes to your hair, make-up and accessories you can transform your look in minutes and for very little money. Here are six ways to change your look…

1. Wear a bright lipstick

Your hair can be in a messy bun and you might just be wearing jeans and an old T-shirt, but a slick of lippy glams up your look in seconds and is one of the quickest and easiest tricks to store up your sleeve when you’re wondering how to change your look.

You may not think you can pull off a bold lipstick, but it’s just about finding the right shade for you.

If you have fair hair but warm, tanned skin you can go for a true red. But if you have fair hair and pale skin, try a raspberry shade instead.

Those with dark hair but fair skin tend to suit a deep, purply red, and if you have dark hair and olive skin or dark it’s all about bold tangerine orange or bright red, depending on whether you have a warm or cool skin tone – but choose high-quality pigments to avoid making skin look greyer. Redheads look great with brick red, with an orange undertone.

2. Deep condition your hair

If your hair has seen better days, you can restore damaged locks is a great way to change your look. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor has a super-repairing formula with Australian balm mint extract. It works to help reconstruct damaged hair, mend split ends and help repair roughened cuticles. Instantly healthier and glossier hair is a great way to change your look, and one you can continue by using the treatment weekly.

3. Change up your parting

Mixing up your parting is a quick and simple, but can change your look dramatically. After you’ve washed your hair, comb your parting down the middle of your head if you usually have a side parting, or if you usually go for a middle parting, try one at the side.

For a middle parting, the key is to keep it sleek. So, finish your blow-dry on a cool setting and use an anti-frizz product or run a brush sprayed with hair spray through your hair to smooth any fly-aways.

For a side parting, if you have a slim face part your hair in line with the start of your eyebrow. If you have a wider face, you can part further towards the end of your eyebrow.

It’s a subtle and easy change, but one that can change your look entirely. For something more extravagant, dry your hair without a parting, flipping your hair upside down and concentrating the dryer on your roots. Then part your hair when it’s dry on the opposite side to your usual parting for a stylish hair ‘flip’.

4. Smoke up your eye

You can use make up to change your look. To transform it from day to night in one fell swoop, grab some charcoal-coloured eye shadow.

Sweep the shadow across your eye socket, concentrating on the outer edges and fading it out just above the socket line.

With a smaller brush or even a cotton bud, create a soft, thin line under your lower lash line. If you have small eyes, only do this a third of the way in from the outer edges.

Team with a neutral lip-gloss so the focus is all on your eyes.

5. Wear a statement necklace

Jazz up a high-necked plain T-shirt or jumper by wearing a statement necklace over the top. Just some simple jewellery or accessories can do wonders and really change your look.

Try a tribal style with beads or stones in a bold colour that complements your skin tone. For the metal, if you have a warm skin tone go for gold, whereas cool skin tones look great in silver.

6. Go for a bra fitting

Many of us are guilty of wearing the same tried-and-tested bras for years, despite the fact that your bust may change shape and size over that time – especially if you’ve had kids.

Couple this with the survey results that tell us 85% of women wear the wrong size bra and the chances are you are one of them.

Get a free fitting done and invest in a decent bra. You’ll be amazed at the “up and together” effect a good, well-fitted bra can have, and this will create a more flattering silhouette.

What do you do when you fancy a change? Let us know in the comments section below