6 Style Secrets Perfect for Mums

Fancy making life easier on yourself and looking great while you do it? Here’s some mum-approved fashion advice.

Being a mum to young children can be a tough gig – there’s so much to think about and organise day-to-day that it’s easy for lesser priorities to get shoved to the back of our minds (we’re looking at you, wardrobe).

What you throw on each day is often one of these left-till-the-last-minute things. But help is at hand. Follow these six easy style tips for busy mums below – they’ll guarantee you’ll be noticed for all the right reasons (and not because of the strawberry yoghurt spill on your shirt).

1. Take it high

Your waistband, that is. When it comes to jeans – a staple for most mums because of their timelessness and ease – it’s easy to stay stuck in a low-slung rut. But a high-waisted pair not only looks fashion-forward, but proves more flattering and practical, too.

For a relaxed daytime look tuck a thin sweater or fitted T-shirt into your jeans, and upgrade to a dressier blouse for evening. Tall, willowy types look great in straight or skinny jeans, and curvy shapes shine in a wide-leg cut.

2. Go big on bags

An oversized Mary Poppins-style bag is essential. Rucksacks are big this year, or you could go for a classic tote. Pick black, brown or grey so it will work with everything in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to chuck in a pair of oversized shades and a bright lipstick for those days when sleep isn’t on the cards for you…

3. Max it out

Long and loose doesn’t have to mean frumpy: a maxi-dress is a great way to look stylish with minimal effort. Being a mum to young kids means lots of big accessories are out, so go for patterns to jazz it up instead. Sweet, paisley-print styles go easily from day to night – just swap your trainers for sandals or an ankle boot.

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4. Re-boot yourself

Finding a pair of comfortable-but-chic ankle boots will change your life, since they look great with everything. A low heel means you’ll feel smart but you won’t be tripping over yourself – or your kids – as you go about your day. Stock up on several pairs in black and brown suede and wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts and jumpsuits.

5. Wrap things up

If you don’t have a wrap dress (or several) in your life, now’s definitely the time to invest. As well as being great for nursing moms, most don’t need ironing or steaming and look great pulled straight from the tumble dryer.

Knee-length jersey versions in bright prints are ideal for daytime, while a longer silk maxi-version for evenings will get plenty of compliments. When it comes to other dresses, look out for empire waists – they’re incredibly flattering.

6. Be a jersey girl

The comfy factor of jersey material is a massive plus, and it turns out the skirts are versatile too. They pair well with trainers, pumps or ankle boots. Long-legged types look great in shorter, tighter styles, but a maxi or calf-length version can look stylish too, especially when paired with tall boots.

Wearing a loose or tight style is up to you, but either option feels and looks great, whether you’re working, playing with the kids or heading out for a well-deserved night off.


What are your secrets for looking and feeling your best? Do share them with us in the comment section below. And for more tips and information on dealing with stains, check out Ariel.