Discover your signature scent

Finding a fragrance that's oh-so-you can give you serious confidence and help you make a memorable impression wherever you go

The power of scent shouldn't be underestimated. Once you've found the fragrance for you, it'll enhance your confidence so that you're ready to take on the world.

It doesn't matter if you're make-up free on the school run, or dressed to the nines for the party of the year - with a signature scent to boost your self-esteem, you'll feel like a million dollars.

Alongside perfume, lotions and the rest of your beauty routine, a perfect way to sport your signature scent is with Lenor Parfum des Secrets. Add a capful of this luxury fabric conditioner to your wash and your laundry will be infused with your favourite fragrance.

To find out which scent suits you best, read our four personality-and-perfume matches below. Which one are you?

Nice and spicy

Who you are: You're no wallflower. You like to stand out from the crowd and rarely shy away from attention. Being warm and outgoing, you love being around other people and are brilliant at putting them at ease. Surprises and parties are two of your favourite things, and you love to shock people by doing the unexpected.

What you like: Complex, heady fragrances appeal to you. Go for perfumes with musky base notes and you'll never be ignored.

Try this: Lenor Parfum des Secrets Mystery brings together fresh white flowers and a hint of spicy black pepper for a fragrance that will get you noticed.

Fresh and fruity

Who you are: Being an energetic and outdoorsy sort, you're big on fitness and staying in shape, whether that's regular runs in the park or playing team sports. You're a quick thinker who is great at problem solving and always has an endless stream of ideas. Friends are very important to you, and you're often the glue that holds the social group together.

What you like: The smells that appeal to you are based in nature - think revitalising eucalyptus, herby florals and freshly mown grass. At the perfume counter, go for scents with woody base notes.

Try this: Refreshing eucalyptus and heady patchouli combine in Lenor Parfum des Secrets Dazzle to create a scent to invigorate you.

Sweet and warm

Who you are: As an incurable romantic, you will always indulge your soppy side given even the slightest opportunity. You're unashamedly girlie, and love to be surrounded by flowers and your best girlfriends. A relaxing spa day is your idea of heaven, and you love trying out new lotions and potions.

What you like: For you, fragrance should be warm and comforting, like a security blanket. You don't like anything too strong, preferring something sweet, so stick with vanilla-based scents.

Try this: Infuse your clothes with the delicious scent of creamy sandalwood and vibrant red fruits with Lenor Parfum des Secrets Blush to make you feel feminine all day long.

Fiery and sensual

Who you are: An absolute firecracker is how you would be described. You're opinionated and charismatic, with a huge social circle and a packed diary to match. Adventure is hard wired into your DNA, and you love discovering new pleasures and experiences.

What you like: Your perfume of choice is intoxicating, and you generally prefer those with woody base notes. You want something long lasting, so it will give you an enchanting experience that will last all day, every day.

Try this: For a wardrobe to match your outgoing nature, use Lenor Parfum des Secrets Kiss with its sweet notes of Maracuja and amber - an utterly intoxicating combination.

What Lenor Parfum des Secrets suits you? Let us know in the comments below.