Dress for the moment

Nurture the bond you have with your clothes

The iconic fashion designer Giles Deacon has partnered with Bold & Lenor to fuse fashion and fabric care to create an exciting new limited edition collection. This year’s collection, ‘Dress for the Moment’, is inspired by the emotional bond we all create with our clothes during special moments.

Capture the emotional bond
“A piece of clothing is more than an inanimate garment,” Giles explains, “the way the fabric moves and feels next to our skin, the way the print, colour and cut give the wearer the confidence to embrace the day to create some unforgettable memories… these are living and breathing qualities that have a positive psychological effect on our wellbeing.” For Giles, Bold & Lenor enhances this experience with its fresh scent and the way it cares for the fabrics. “It helps to capture that emotional bond we all have with our clothes, the feeling the wearer can enjoy from cherished clothes with the best fabric care.”

Playful designs
Calling on his trademark vivid, colourful prints, Giles’s collection highlights the best care that Bold & Lenor can give, the fabrics enhance the feel next to your skin.
“I’ve created playful designs in vivid prints, Giles says, “The fabrics that enhance the feel next to your skin,” he says. “‘Dress for the moment’ captures that emotional bond we create with our clothes during special moments. My designs capture that feeling, so that the wearer can enjoy the positive feelings that well cared-for clothes retain.”

The strength of a woman
Giles has designed this collection for the many women he sees embodying a more athletic, energetic, free-spirited attitude.
“Women today aren’t afraid to express their individual style,” he explains, “they’re looking for pieces that express their uniqueness and don’t restrict their movements, day or night. Bold & Lenor pours in an enhancing touch of freshness and care for the fabrics, and fits in with women’s modern on-the-go lifestyles.” Giles believes it’s this added element that gives garments that special ‘go-to’ quality. “It’s these treasured pieces that get chosen time and time again because of how they fit and feel when you wear them, creating lasting moments.”