How to prepare for a first date and make it memorable.

Being invited to a date and preparing for it is both exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. Here are some useful steps to keep in mind so you can make an impression.

Prepare conversation starters

Unless you are not the naturally bubbly type, you might want to research some hot topics or current events to start a conversation and avoid awkward pauses before the ice between you is broken. It will also make you look smart and open minded.

Pick your clothes early

How you dress does not only influence the first impression you make, it also affects how you feel and behave. Choose an outfit that you feel both comfortable and beautiful in, so you will go through the date with confidence. Pick your outfits a couple of days before to avoid any surprises, like finding your favourite dress in your laundry basket.

Rest well the night before

You for sure don’t want to look and feel tired during your first date. A good rest at night will not only make you look fresher it will also sharpen your mind and your senses to take in all the impressions more vividly.

Think positive

You might be nervous and imagine all the things that can go wrong, but even if they do – just laugh about it. He might be nervous, too, so keep an open mind will help you appear more relaxed and fun.

Make it memorable

Everyone you date is potentially the one. So better be sure, that you’re able to remember your first date in all vividness. Science says, that memories we store when exposed to a specific scent are connected directly to our emotional memory. And when we are exposed to that scent again, we relive it in all details and with all the feelings we had. So wear a specific perfume, or wash your clothes in a softener like Lenor, in order to have a distinctive, fresh scent around you and your clothes. So that on your 35th anniversary the both of you still remember the first hug like it happened just yesterday night.

Have fun

Because this is what a date is.