How to make an unforgettable impression

Mystery, glamour or romance? Whatever the impression you're hoping to make, try these ideas to make sure you'll be on their mind long after you leave.

Perhaps you're looking to dazzle at the party of the year. Maybe you're getting ready for a hot date or hoping to turn an evening with your other half into a truly memorable night of romance.

There are times when we all want to leave an impression that people won't ever forget. But sometimes our natural shyness can get in the way, making us hold back like wallflowers when we want to be the centre of attention.

One of the things that can keep us from being the life and soul of the party is feeling unsure about the impression we're creating. Try these suggestions to take control of how you're seen by others and to leave a confident, intriguing or glamorous image lingering in their minds.

Make the first move

It can help to remember that you're not the only one feeling nervous: 48% of us identify as shy in surveys. That means that you can be pretty sure anyone you approach at a social event will be relieved to have someone to talk to.

Stand up straight - it'll make you feel more confident make good eye contact and introduce yourself warmly. You'll make the other person feel at ease immediately, and they'll be sure to remember your boldness.


Psychologists have found we make snap judgements even quicker than you might think. We size someone up for trustworthiness by looking at their face for just 34 milliseconds, according to research from Princeton University.

But it's easy to create a first impression that people will warm to. Your facial expression is proven to have a powerful impact on the judgements others will make: smile and the whole world really does smile with you.

Use a signature scent

Our sense of smell has a direct line to our memories, so wearing a characteristic fragrance that sets a mood can ensure that your air of intrigue, allure or passion lingers on in the minds of people you meet.

Lenor Parfum des Secrets adds sophisticated, seductive scents to your clothing that last even longer than fine perfumes. So creating an indelible impression is as easy as getting dressed in the morning.

Choose a scent to fit your mood and style, from the intriguing combination of musk and white flowers, spiced with black pepper to enhance your mystery, to the enthralling blend of fresh eucalyptus and floral patchouli, designed to dazzle that special someone.

Be a great listener

Everyone loves to talk, but really good listeners are few and far between, so they really stand out from the crowd. We remember how people make us feel more than what they say, and few things feel as good as someone's undivided attention.

Just listening isn't enough: you have to show that you understand. Ask questions, respond with supportive comments and give positive suggestions. You'll leave people with a feel-good factor that they're sure to remember.

Give compliments

We all get a bit of a glow when someone compliments us, and we want to return to the favour. It's a quick way to build a lasting social bond. But even if we like it, we can get a bit embarrassed and tongue-tied when we're singled out for praise.

So don't just compliment her shoes - say you've been looking for a pair just like that and ask where she got them. Combining compliments and questions gives people something they can respond to, smoothing things over and leaving everyone impressed by your charm.

What's your favourite way to make a memorable impression? Share your suggestions in the comments below.