Savvy clothes shopping online

Online clothes shopping is convenient, but it’s also easy to buy the wrong thing. Here are some quick tips to remember when the mouse is itching to click.

Ever bought something online that doesn’t quite match your expectations? Even when we’re shopping for clothes in stores it’s easy to snap up something we regret and that never gets worn, so here are some points to remember when shopping online:

Look at the detail
Remember that in a shop you can walk up and get a feel for the cut and the fabric but online you can’t. Check the garment info – it might look like jersey but is it linen or viscose which will give you a very different feel. Is the waist elasticated or fitted with a zip – it could make the difference in how flexible the fitting will be and how the skirt will fall over your hips. What’s the store’s idea of ‘long’ or ‘short’? Don’t just rely on the images as the model could be taller or shorter than you think!

Never impulse buy
It’s so easy to spend more than you intend online so set a budget and stick to it.

Think about it
Always give yourself a couple of hours cooling off period to think a purchase through.

Watch your impulse
Never shop after a few glasses of wine!

Do some easy research
When you find something that you like, cut and paste the reference into a search engine to see if it’s available cheaper on any other sites.

Keep in the loop
Sign up to your favourite sites’ newsletters to find out about sales and privilege customer deals. Similarly, bookmark sites you like so that in future you can ‘go shopping’ rather than aimlessly trawling through irrelevant sites.

Delivery details
What’s the online store’s delivery policy? If your are ordering more than one item, most companies should only charge one mail-out fee but check this. If you’re ordering oversized goods add a note telling the delivery company where to leave it if you’re out. There’s nothing worse than having to wait days to retrieve your goodies from the postal depot. Some parcel companies charge a premium for calls made to organise redelivery so if possible get items delivered to an address where you know someone will be in during office hours (at your work address, for example).

Secure payment
Make sure the website offers a secure payment method. Consider using a credit rather than debit card as many offer insurance against fraud.