Find the perfect summer hat for your face shape

Protecting your head from too much sun with a hat is a great way to help prevent a dry, flaky scalp. But which style will look best on you? Find out with our guide.

You've got the perfect summer outfit and you're ready for a day at the beach. There's only one problem: unsightly white flakes on the shoulders.

One possibility is that it's dandruff. Luckily, you can tackle that fast with Head & Shoulders Instant Relief, which has cooling ingredients to soothe your scalp while its HydraZinc formula eliminates the flakes.

But if you're already taking care of your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo and those flakes appear in summer, you might have caught a little too much sun on your scalp.

Just like sunburn anywhere else, your scalp gets itchy and skin starts to flake off when it's had too much time in the sun. Luckily there's an easy (and stylish) solution: pack a hat to keep it protected on your next day out.

If you're new to wearing hats, all the different styles on offer can be confusing. How do you know which one is best for you? It's all about the shape of your face - just follow our guide to find out whether you should look for a boater, bonnet or bowler...

Round faces

If your face is about as wide as it is long, with a wide forehead, full cheeks and a rounded chin, you can balance out your look with a more angular hat. Your symmetrical face works well with asymmetric hat shapes, such as peaked or slanted brims.

Try wearing yours slanted forward at an angle for extra style points. Avoid hats with wide crowns and brims, which will tend to exaggerate the roundness of your face.

Rectangular faces

Faces that are longer than they are wide, with a round chin and fairly straight lines running from the temple to the jaw, are known as rectangular faces. The most flattering hats will tend to be ones with wide brims like fedoras, or hats that sit low on the forehead like newsboy caps or cloches.

Narrow or flat brims can tend to put too much emphasis on the long lines of your face, so you might prefer to avoid them.

Square faces

A strong jawline, a wide forehead and wide cheekbones makes for a more square-shaped face. If this is you, look for hats with soft shapes or curvy lines to complement your face.

A big, floppy hat is perfect for a day at the beach. Or if you feel like an offbeat look for more dressed-up occasions, why not try a bowler hat?

Diamond-shaped faces

Your prominent cheekbones mean this is the point where your face is at its widest - along with your narrow forehead and tapered chin, that's why we call this a diamond-shaped face.

A hat with a medium brim and a pinched crown can make a perfectly balanced look for those of us with this shape. Or you can try toning down those angles with a soft hat like a newsboy cap.

Have you found the perfect hat for your face shape? Let us know your style secrets in the comments section below.