4 easy-to-do autumn hairstyles

Amazing hair without too much commitment? We’ve got four wearable ways to update your locks.

We can’t be expected to follow every trend going, but sometimes a look that has been all over the catwalks is easily transferrable to your everyday life. This means not only do you get a fresh new look, but you’re totally on-trend, too.

Here we’ve rounded up the top new shape, texture, colour and cut, so whether you want something you can simply put together in the morning, or you’re willing to commit to a more drastic change, read on to find out what’s hot in hair this season…

The new shape is… no parting

Shifting your parting totally transforms your look, and this season it’s all about, well, not having one. When blow drying, brush your hair back away from your face. Once dry, tuck your hair behind your ears, securing it with a few clips if needed to help it stay in place.

It’s a relaxed, just-ran-your-fingers-through-your-hair vibe, so avoid using gels to slick hair into place – instead simply fix with Pantene Strong Hold Hairspray.

The new texture is… serious volume

Whether it’s height at the crown, big curls or even crimping – yes, crimping ¬ – autumn is all about embracing volume and movement.

If your fine hair tends to get weighed down by rich conditioners, swap to Pantene Pro-V Extra Volume Foam Conditioner. It smooths and softens as effectively as cream formulas do, but the foam bubbles are absorbed quickly by the hair and so it doesn’t weigh it down.

If you’re wearing your hair up, simply backcomb at the crown before smoothing the top layer of hair over it and pinning to your up-do. For loose hair, add waves and movement by wearing slightly damp hair in a bun while you sleep, then letting it loose in the morning and spritzing it with a little salt spray.

For more va-va-voom tips, check out our Pump up the volume article.

The new colour is… technicolour

You can have plenty of fun with your hair this autumn as the catwalks saw models with luminous hair extensions brightening their locks. From blondes with vibrant red streaks to brunettes with royal blue highlights, you can feel like a teenager again with a few clip-ins. Even better, there’s no damage to your hair.

Or for a more sophisticated – and practical ¬– take on the look, you can have fun with some vibrant hair accessories instead, with brightly coloured flowers, hair bands and slides. Who said your hair has to be dull just because the weather is?

The new cut is… a chin-length bob

If you’re feeling daring, the cut of the season is the bob. Surprisingly versatile, you can wear it pushed back (see “The new shape is…”), tousled with a middle parting, or smooth with a deep side parting tucked behind one ear.

If you have a long or oval-shaped face, this style will particularly suit you, so go for it! If you’re not feeling brave enough, or you have a round or heart-shaped face, a mid-length bob is just as stylish and super flattering. Find out more here.

Are you tempted to try any of these looks? Let us know in the comments section below.