Claudia Winkleman reveals her secret to shiny hair

The glossy-locked TV presenter says her hair is so gorgeously clean you could eat couscous off it. Er, we’ll pass thanks, Claudia…

When you think of celebrities with standout hair, Claudia Winkleman is near the top of the list.

With her stylish centre parting and blunt fringe, the Strictly Come Dancing presenter’s dark chocolate brown locks are always super glossy and sleek.

Her secret? Head and Shoulders’ new 3Action Formula.

Head & Shoulders has always been known for its anti-dandruff properties, so Claudia was as surprised as you are that it could also give you gorgeous, glossy locks.

“In my mind, Head & Shoulders wasn’t beauty, it was a medicated product – a brilliant product, but it just wasn’t beauty,” says Claudia. “But after using it I was completely obsessed and – you might need to sit down for this – my hair has never been shinier or softer.”

Indeed, Claudia is so passionate about Head & Shoulders’ new formula, she has signed up as the new partner for the launch of its exciting new beauty range.

“My whole family now uses it for every wash. Head & Shoulders will never get rid of me,” she laughs.

The new Head and Shoulders’ new 3Action Formula is an exciting reformulation across the entire beauty collection*, which has been a decade in the making.

The new formula delivers three benefits in just one bottle – cleanse, protect and moisturise – leaving hair up to 100% flake free with long-lasting dandruff protection, plus it’s noticeably smoother and beautifully manageable.

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For someone who says their hair is in charge, Claudia understands how important it is to take care of her tresses from root to tip. So when it comes to her hair-care regime she simply washes her hair with the new Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula, combs it out and voila! She has her signature style in seconds.

“I love that, as well as making my hair super shiny, my scalp has never been cleaner,” adds Claudia.

Indeed, she feels like her hair is so clean, you could eat off it!

“Anyone reading this can come to my house and eat couscous from my hair. I think they would find that a joy because my scalp is being looked after and is squeaky clean.”

As a TV presenter under the spotlight, Claudia’s mane is a particularly great testing ground for the new formula.

Celebrity stylist Ben Cooke agrees, “I’ve worked as a celebrity stylist for years now and often find that celebrities’ hair can be under a lot of stress from being over-styled and over-heated day after day.

“I recommend using new Head & Shoulders Tri-Action Formula as it’s so important to use a shampoo that keeps both hair and scalp in tip-top condition.

“Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp.”

*Head & Shoulders 3ActionFormula collection includes Smooth & Silky, Classic Clean, Thick & Strong, Citrus Fresh, Itchy Scalp and Apple Fresh.