Three easy wedding hairstyles

It’s the biggest day of your life, and while bridal gowns and tiaras get all the attention, taking inspiration from the catwalk and red carpet to find the right hairdo will make you feel amazing all day long.

The traditional up-dos and ringlets of wedding hair have their place, but if you want to feel a bit more contemporary, a touch more chic, and, well, a lot more ‘you’, the carefree romanticism of the latest catwalks and red carpets could be just what you’re looking for.

Here are our three gorgeous styles that will work for you and your bridesmaids on the Big Day.

Tousled and textured

What is it? Tousled hair – a little bit straight, a little bit wavy, a little bit windswept – is super-flattering and easy to achieve (see above). The simple act of softening your hair texture will flatter your features and make you look years younger. Start with the right cut and colour, with some light layers and chunky highlights, and intensively improve the condition in the months ahead of your wedding – try regular treatments with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist RRP £4.99

How to get it
1. Smooth a generous amount of Pantene Pro-V Ultra-Strong Mousse Extra Strong Hold RRP £2.00 into damp hair and blow-dry using a paddle brush to gently detangle and smooth your locks.
2. Tong sections of your hair into curls and hold in place with pins to set (until the heat has cooled down). A good technique is to tong your hair in sections, separating the top, middle, back and sides – ensure that you are holding the tongs upright, then coil your hair around starting at the roots, so the ends are still slightly straight.
3. Un-coil hair and spray with Pantene Pro-V Style & Protect Hairspray Perfect Volume RRP £2.49 and shake it out to hold the curl.
4. You can backcomb through roots for a bit of lift – do this gently so you don't knock the curl out.
5. Place any hair ornaments and softly clip the hair around them, then finish with a final layer of hairspray, and a few concentrated blasts over any anchor points, such as around hairgrips.

Who does it suit? Pretty much everyone. Just adjust your parting to suit your face shape. Middle partings can help a round face to look slimmer, whereas a side parting accentuates the cheekbones and falls over the forehead to soften fine lines.

The NEW and improved beehive

What is it? Don’t worry – you won’t look like a 1960s’ tribute act with this look. The newer, easier, face-flattering version is lower, more relaxed and has a few tendrils of hair softening the look around your face. Practice a few times to work out where you need to secure it, and also to try out different styles, such as with a fringe, or leaving curls falling around your shoulders.

How to get it
1. Spritz clean, dry hair with Pantene Pro-V Style & Protect Hairspray Perfect Volume RRP £2.49 to add grip, which will help the styling.
2. Starting an inch from the hairline, or an inch behind the start of your fringe, separate the front section of the hair away. Then starting from the top nearest the hairline, take sections of hair and backcomb, letting hair fall forwards towards the front of the head. Work your way back towards the neck, building up volume and height.
3. Once the hair is completely backcombed, still keeping the front section separated, start to mould hair into the desired beehive height. The added texture from the backcombing and the hairspray will make hair easy to sculpt at this stage. Gather and lift the hair at the back to support height at the front.
4. Using plenty of carefully placed hairgrips, secure the beehive in place but ensure the pins are all well hidden.
5. Once the beehive is fixed in place, use the loose front section to cover the structure of the beehive to give a sleek finish. Very carefully brush the front section into the beehive structure until smooth, sweeping it over the front and sides of the beehive and pinning securely in place.
6. If you have any wispy tendrils around your face, embrace it as a way to soften the look, using tongs or just twisting them into gentle waves.
7. Carefully secure your hair ornaments in place, then cover hair in a generous coating of Pantene Pro-V Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray Long Lasting Hold Level 5.

Who does it suit? Don’t go there if you are worried about drawing attention to a prominent nose or a wide jaw, as such a bold look can accentuate strong features. However, the beehive can be adjusted to suit most faces – remember the less height you create, and the more hair you leave around the face line, the more youthful and flattering the style becomes.

Bouffant your bob

What is it? A classic cut in a new texture will transform your look from every day to uber-glam without much effort. The latest must-have cut? The bouffant bob – otherwise known as a bob with volume. Whether you go almost shoulder length or just below the ears, the thing to remember when you’re in the hairdresser’s chair is that new bob has soft, long layers rather than being a sharp-edged cut, and is slightly graduated towards the front.

How to do it
1. Get this style by applying Pantene Pro-V Mousse Perfect Volume RRP £3.00 from roots to ends onto clean damp hair. 2. Take sections of hair and wind them around large Velcro rollers to give the ultimate root lift.
3. Pull each section 90 degrees away from the head, comb it through then wind one and a half times around the roller to ensure it stays in place. Spritz with Pantene Pro-V Satin Smooth Mousse Flexible Hold Level 3 and leave to dry with some heat from a diffuser for lasting power. Once hair is dry ensure you wait until it has totally cooled to ensure the hair sets into place for lasting power.
4. Remove the rollers and either gently smooth and twist the curls into place or, if you want a smooth finish, lightly comb over the hair. Spritz with hairspray to hold in place.

Who does it suit? A shorter bob looks great on oval faces with small features, while a longer bob with more waves will suit heart-shaped and wider face shapes better as it softens facial angles.

Are you planning a wedding, or helping a friend get their look right? Let us know what look you’re going for!