Effortless Vacation Hair

How much effort is effortless beach hair? I put it to the test

The word effortless is often used to describe anything that looks cool yet understated, and tousled beach hair is the ultimate epitome of effortless chic; i.e. surf worn waves that 'just happened.' Granted, if I were to grab a surf board and head to the sea salty waves of Australia's Gold Coast, no doubt I would emerge from the ocean with perfect mermaid hair. But, I, like most women I know, prefer the shark free waters of the hotel pool observed from the relaxing sanctuary of a sun lounger with drinks service.

That said, I do quite like an uncomplicated hair routine whilst on holiday. In fact, summer in general requires a lighter effort level to match the delicate attire that blue skies and warmer temperatures dictate. For this, I defer to the experts in beach hair, Aussie Beach Mate. First off, I switch to Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner Beach Mate RRP £4.99 with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, it cleanses with extra hydration. This sets me up with hair that's relatively tangle-free and in good condition. Next I rough dry my hair until it's towel dry in texture, before I spray in Aussie Beach Waves Miracle Beach Waves Spray RRP £4.99, scrunching as I spray. Once completely distributed through hair, I return to my hair dryer and remove the nozzle, scrunching again until dry.

The result? A matte textured tousle that mimics the effects of real sea-salt waves without the ratty messiness that ocean water creates. Effort level? As I relied upon little more than my hands and one spray, I say this is one hair look that qualifies as effortless. Just keep your spray in your beach bag to refresh your waves throughout the day.

Tip: For each day of high sun, protect hair with Aussie Miracle Hair Spritz with UV Invisible Filter RRP £12.99 for 15ml
Aussie Beach Mate 3 Minute Miracle to rescue thirsty tresses, leaving hair feeling refreshed and hydrated.