Four easy ways to never have a bad hair day again

Mornings are hectic enough without having to find time to tame unruly hair, so we've asked four beauty editors and busy mums for their expert tips.

Nobody wakes up with perfect hair - despite what social media may suggest...

Whether you start the day with hair sticking out in every direction, untameable frizz or pancake-flat strands, there is a speedy solution.

We reached out to four beauty editors and busy mums to ask what they do to keep their hair looking on point every day.

Smooth dry hair in an instant

When thick, coarse hair is dry, it's nigh-on-impossible to tame and enjoy sleek, shiny locks and manageable curls. That's where oil comes in.

Argan oil, or liquid gold as it's known in its native Morocco, is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which help seal in moisture, making hair instantly manageable and shiny.

Kat Byrne, 37, mum to Robin, 9, Evan, 7, and Blythe, 3, says: "Hair oil works wonders to give my hair shine - I'm obsessed! I put it on when my hair's wet, then I sleep in braids so I wake up with a nice kinky wave without having to use a styling tool. I add a teeny bit more in the morning and I'm good to go."
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Tame flyaways

Anyone with fine hair will be only too familiar with flyaways. Go for a thickening shampoo to add extra weight, and a nourishing conditioner to lock in moisture and protect fine strands, then use hairspray for a quick fix.

Daniela Bellanca, 33, mum to Remi, 10 months, says:
"I dust an old mascara wand with hairspray to tame wispy flyaways at my parting, or spray a bristly hairbrush with it first before smoothing my hair from roots to tips. It keeps wispy hair in check all day."
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Add texture with ease

There isn't always time to add texture with curling wands and straighteners, so let products and your fingertips do the work for you. The trick is sectioning your hair, then scrunching using the right products.

Bella Binns, 36, mum to Dylan, 9 months, says:
"I have very short hair so I need to keep styling easy as a new mum on the run. I wash it, then towel dry it, apply a mousse, scrunch it for a textured look, and leave to air dry. On day two, I use a dry shampoo, and sweep the fringe back for more of a coif."
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Give thin hair volume

To add bounce to flat, lifeless hair, use a foam conditioner so your hair doesn't get too weighed down. If you blow dry your hair, use a big round brush to lift at the roots and use hairspray after to hold that added volume. No time for styling? Follow this expert tip...

Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith, 34, mum to Tilly, 2, says:
"If I can't be bothered to blow dry my hair, I let it dry naturally for a bit, apply some serum, then scrape it up into a top knot, twisting my hair as I go, then securing it with a scrunchie before going to bed. In the morning I have natural, volumising waves."
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