5 easy ways to tackle greasy hair

Our clever guide will show you ways to combat excess oil and hide less-than-fresh hair when washing it is at the bottom of your to-do list.

As a busy mum, a five-minute shower can feel like a luxury, so the thought of having time to wash, dry and style your hair every single day can seem like a far-off dream.

But don't worry, between wash days you can simply use these style tips and your hair will still look great - and no one need know your dirty little secret!

1. Be oil savvy

If your hair type is greasy, it may be there's a genetic factor - are your parents' mops a little on the oily side?

Greasy hair can also be the result of touching and brushing your hair too often, which stimulates the sebaceous glands so that they produce more of the sebum that occurs naturally to protect the scalp and hair.

Some people produce more sebum in the summer months, too, as the sebaceous glands may become overactive in warmer weather.

It's important to wash your hair regularly, but you'll be pleased to know that three times a week is fine, according to experts. In fact washing every day can actually strip hair of natural oils, triggering increased production of the sebum that makes it look oily in the first place.

Use a deep-cleansing shampoo that's specifically formulated for oily hair, such as Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh anti-dandruff shampoo, which has a blend of citrus essences that purify your scalp to remove oil. When using conditioner, only apply it from mid-lengths to the ends so you're not overloading already oil-prone roots.

2. Invest in a pretty silk scarf

Here's an easy and stylish way to hide greasy roots: brush your hair out and secure in a low ponytail at the back. Wrap a pretty silk scarf over the top of your head and either tie at the back underneath your ponytail or twist the ends into a knot on top of your head. Secure using a couple of grips if needed.

The beauty of this look is that it only gets better as strands from your low pony work loose during the day, making it look artfully 'undone'.

3. Try a half-up topknot

This is a super-fast way to transform lifeless locks into stylish sophistication, and works really well if you're racing from the school run to the office.

All you need is a comb or brush and a hair band. Roughly section off the top layers of your hair and comb through gently. Simply twist the hair around on itself and secure in a bun and voila! Greasy top lengths are disguised while the rest of your hair looks deliberately sleek.

4. Make friends with dry shampoo

Dry shampoos use starches to absorb extra oiliness rather than strip the hair of oils, which is a big part of their appeal. Another reason they're so popular? They're also super-quick to use. Finger comb hair and spray Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo onto the roots, using fingers to 'shake' it through the hair and add texture and volume. Twist and pin a few front strands back with clips for a messy, boho-chic look.

5. Do the milkmaid braid

This one's great for long hair and has the added bonus of being easier to do when hair is a little bit dirty. Brush out your hair and part in the middle, creating two pigtails. Braid each pigtail and secure with a band, then gently pull the braid apart a little for extra volume. Secure each braid with clips on top of your head - experiment to see whether side-by-side or criss-crossing your braids creates a better look for you. Once mastered, this is super quick and will become your go-to solution for no-wash day.

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What's your failsafe way to tackle greasy hair? Share your tips below.