Products on trial: Get the haircut of the moment

Medium is the new long, so here’s why you might want to opt for the chop

This season’s trend is all about the medium bob, ‘Mom Hair’. From celebrities to your colleagues, you’ve probably started seeing it everywhere, and there’s a reason why.

The bulk of the medium bob sits on your shoulders with the ends brushing your collarbone. The length at the front frames your face nicely, while the cut makes you look more naturally polished.

Still long enough to wear up, it’s a change but not so dramatic that it’s scary for those who usually have long locks. Plus it is a good opportunity to lop off split ends and your hair will look all the healthier for it.

How to wear it

One of the best things about this haircut is that it’s so versatile; it looks great whether you have soft curls, tousled waves or prefer to go sleek and straight. If you fall into the latter you should go for a blunt cut that’s all one length, whereas those with tousled waves should ask for soft layers around the front to help with movement. If you have a fringe, it looks great swept to the side with a wide side parting.

The key with this cut, though, is to go slightly longer at the front than the back. This makes it look more edgy and less girl-next-door. To stop thick hair from fluffing out or thin hair from frizzing, you need to make sure your hair is super-hydrated for this look – try using Pantene Pro V Expert Shampoo Hydra Intensify for Dry Hair RRP £2.99.

What colour to go for

A touch of colour really helps your new look fresh, and natural-looking, multi-tonal highlights or lowlights are perfect for adding depth to this length.

But subtle effects like this need a bit of protection to keep them looking dazzling day after day. Add a treatment to your routine, such as the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Treatment RRP£4.99, which locks in colour and prevents styling damage to maintain hair that shines with health and fresh-looking colour.

Give it a light touch

The new medium-length bob should look groomed but unfussy, so you’ll want to style it with products that have a light touch. Avoid stiff hairsprays or mousses and go for a lightweight styling product that takes down frizz and adds shine without restricting movement.

Pantene Pro V Expert Shampoo Hydra Intensify Velvet Crème Infusion RRP £6.99, for example, is an amazingly lightweight leave-on serum that effortlessly tames frizz-prone hair.

And don’t worry – if you do find you miss your long locks, you can always grow it back! Check out our Six tips for growing your hair long for help.

Would you consider going for the medium bob? Let us know if you go for it in the comments section below.