Trend on Trial: How to Lean in to autumn hair

Jump start your fresh new Autumn hairstyle by exploring our top tips on how to embrace the seasonal changes, including new cuts, colours and treatments.

There's something appealing about a fresh new haircut and late August always feels like the most natural time to go for the snip. It reminds me of restocking my pencil case and shopping for back to school clothes; a smart start after the headiness of Summer sun and relaxed vacation vibes.

Whilst I commend the folks who march into the salon with a long flowing mane and leave with next season's boyfriend bob, I prefer to lean in to a new look. Test the waters, if you will, before committing to a catwalk style that may not translate in real life.

Here's where the in-between tweaks come in. A sharper, smarter version of what you've already got sets the direction for change without jumping in head first. For me, that means maintaining my waves without the beachy texture. All summer long I have left my hair to air dry and do little more than a quick wash and go and some light styling when the occasion calls. Now it's time to detox and rehydrate for a smoother more serious look.

Confession: I'm not a fan of clarifying or detoxing shampoos for the fact that many dry out my already dehydrated hair leaving it feeling stripped of softness and manageability. However, that's all changed thanks to Pantene Pro-V Micellar Cleanse & Nourish RRP £3.99. Inspired by Parisian micellar water that gently remove all traces of makeup from skin without leaving skin feeling tight and dry, this unique hair cleansing range left my hair feeling lighter, brighter and rid of all of all build up from sun screen, pollutants and hard water.

I began with Pro-V Micellar Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo RRP £3.99 and was thrilled with the soft, nourished feeling I got before a drop of conditioner was applied. I followed with the Cleanse & Nourish Conditioner RRP £3.99 which left a soft and easy to detangle finish. After a few washes, I no longer needed as much moisturising and so switched to Pro-V Foam Conditioner Repair and Protect RRP £3.00 for a lighter moisture hit.

Happy with my newfound glossy waves, I hit the salon for a turbo trim. I went for a noticeable couple of inches off the length to give the impression of a big change without jumping into a bold new style. Then a couple of small tweaks brought my hair in line with next season's sharp bobs. First, I lost my layers, going for an all-one-length cut. Then, rather than having my ends chopped into, I chose a blunt base line which creates the illusion of thicker hair and a wider shape.

Other options I toyed with was cutting in a fringe and going for an asymmetrical base line that hangs longer at the front. But the good thing about lean-in changes is that you can always do it next time.