Must have of the week Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle

Beauty tips for dry and damaged hair: The leave-in treatment our locks have been waiting for.

Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle RRP £4.49

A leave-in treatment that comes in the form of a luxuriously creamy, yet light soufflé. The airy formula penetrates deep inside the hair fibre, locking in moisture and resulting in intensively moisturised, silky soft hair for up to 48 hours.

Leave-in treatment tackles dry hairExpert verdict: When you think of leave-in treatments, you might think heavy and greasy. Yet this formula is so lightweight it nourishes damaged hair without weighing it down. I like to apply on the tips of my hair and blow dry straight for a smooth and sleek look, or for a relaxed wavy look I tousle hair in my fingers and rough dry with a blow dryer.’ Annabel Jones, Editor Beauty Recommended.

Gail Crozier from Tyne & Wear

Reader verdict: ‘Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle is brilliant! I used it on both damp and dry hair and it kept my hairstyle perfect without the need for other products or straighteners. Top marks Pantene!’ Gail Crozier from Tyne & Wear.

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