Products on trial: Hair fixes for every texture

How to get wavy hair in three new ways

Wavy hair looks flattering on every woman. But there’s not just one way to wave your hair. We’ve rounded up the best products: all you need to do is pick your favourite wavy look.

Beach waves

Relaxed and carefree beach waves require a rougher texture, so opt for a dry shampoo to add the effects that salt spray and wind creates on the beach.

Product prescription: Shampoo and Condition as usual, then scrunch dry your hair with a little volumiser like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Mega Light Mousse. Once dry, spray in Aussie Aussome Volume Dry Shampoo.

Red carpet waves

Hollywood hair waves have the glam factor, so make sure you pick products that will help to maximise glow.

Product prescription: After shampooing and conditioning, dry hair with Pantene Pro-V Heat Defense Gloss Spray. Place hair in retro rollers, mist hairspray to hold, then apply Pantene Pro-V Dry Argan Oil Smooth & Sleek to smooth ends.

Tousled waves

For modern waves without too much volume, go for loose tousled waves created with large barrelled curling tongs. The trick is to take random sections and wrap hair in the direction away from the face.

Product prescription: Pantene Pro-V Perfect Volume Mousse holds waves in place without a sticky texture. Spray into towel-dry hair, tong, brush and finish with Pantene Pro-V Satin Smooth Hairspray.