Four steps to easy autumn hair (that’s even rainproof!)

Step away from the straighteners: this autumn it’s all about going au naturel.

This season we’re being encouraged to embrace our natural hair texture, which is great news for our stressed-out tresses as we can give them a well-deserved break from heat styling tools.

It’s also perfect timing because, when autumn brings with it wind and rain, any perfectly crafted ’dos swiftly turn into birds nests as soon as we’ve stepped out of the door.

So instead you can let your hair do its own thing, using a few gentle products to help it along its way.

Get back to basics

Over time, our hair can become clogged with heavy styling products, leaving it limp and dull. To embrace your natural locks, it’s important to use a simple shampoo and conditioner that’s not crammed with chemicals.

Recommended: Herbal Essences Clearly Naked collection offers clean, soft and luscious hair while containing zero parabens, silicones or dyes, leaving your hair at its natural best.

"This product keeps your hair clean, healthy and fresh with no strong chemicals." – Review by 1234590didi

Don’t wash and go

You should only wash your hair every two or three days so you’re not stripping your tresses of their natural oils. To keep it looking fresh, give it a gentle brush and then spray the roots with Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo before working it through with your fingers, leaving your hair with a gently tousled look.

Keep it light

Recommended: If you must use a styling product to keep fly-aways in check, make it a lightweight spray such as the Pantene Pro-V Lightweight Nourishment spray. Those with thick curly hair can use a light anti-frizz serum.

"This leaves my hair nourished and gives it great shine without it flying all over the place! It's a winner for me!" – Review by Mizserine

If you get caught in the rain

The beauty with the natural look is that the rain shouldn’t affect it too much. However, it can leave your hair looking lank and frizzy, so reboot your locks with Aussie Frizz Miracle Recharge Spray.

“Carry some in your bag or office drawer,” recommends Beauty Editor Annabel Jones. “Spray a little into the lengths and blow dry – even if that’s under a hand dryer. This leave-in conditioner contains Ginseng for energy which refreshes tired looking hair instantly.”

Are you brave enough to go au naturel? Let us know in the comments section below.