Three simple summer-ready hairstyles

From casual waves to sleek ponytails, these pretty hairdos are perfect for a fuss-free season.

With a combination of harmful UV rays, humidity and (this is Britain after all) rain, summer can be a nightmare for your hair. But we’ve found three easy-peasy hairstyles that are low-maintenance and only need a couple of products to create.

Even better, if you don’t have the time to wash your hair, these styles can help disguise greasy roots and will actually hold for longer if your hair’s unwashed.

1. Making waves

Beachy waves aren’t just for surfers – they’re perfect for summer, whether you’re in the city or by the coast. It’s all about that just-got-out-of-bed, lazy-days look, and it’s fresh and easy to achieve.

When you’re not actually anywhere near the beach, it could be time to dig out the diffuser attachment for your hairdryer. “Diffusing hair is great, as effortless waves don’t need to be tonged and blow-dried to perfection. Simply spray in a light hydration product and scrunch away, or air dry if your hair is naturally wavy,” says Beauty Recommended editor Annabel Jones.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, spritz it with a texture spray and scrunch. If your dirty roots are causing your hair to go limp, spray them with some dry shampoo.

We recommend: Scrunch hair with Aussie Miracle Recharge Colour Mate Conditioning Spray. Reapply throughout the day to refresh your texture. Or try Pantene Pro-V Perfect Hydration UV Protective Spray.

2. Perfect the plait

Thought plaits were just for the playground? Think again. They’re the perfect way to help you keep your cool this summer.

For long hair, a single French plait to the side or down the back looks sleek and sophisticated. Doing it takes some practice, but once mastered you can swim, play and gym with it without having to re-do a thing.

For locks that touch the shoulders, try two side plaits tucked behind the ears to add a summer vibe to an easy maxi dress.

Growing out a fringe? Then braid it into a fine plait and pin to the side for a bohemian carefree look that gets hair out the way.

Have a play and get creative – all you need is a fine-toothed comb and hairspray to fix it.

We recommend: Pantene Pro-V Style & Protect Hairspray

3. Try summer’s simplest up-do

A sleek ponytail is one of the simplest summer hairstyles to nail, and all it takes is a careful parting and a couple of products.

When your hair is damp (spray it with water if you don’t have time for a wash), either scrape it back off your face or part down the middle. Use a heat protection spray all over then blow dry to a smooth finish.

Next, simply douse a brush with shine spray and rake through the hair to tame flyaway strands. Alternatively, smooth your hair down with some dry oil.

Using a snag-free band – without metal, to avoid breaking hair fibres – pull your hair into a low ponytail if your hair is long, or slightly higher up if there’s less to work with.

This simple style is great paired with a statement outfit, as it lets your look shine.

We recommend: Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E

For more ideas on changing up your look for the season, see our article, Four easy summer upgrades.

What’s your favourite summer hairstyle? Let us know in the comments section below.