Sun, sea and straggly hair? How to keep hair happy this summer

Fine hair can mean a beach look that is limp and lank instead of flowing and fabulous. Here's how to battle the heat and humidity to turn up the volume on your tresses.

Everyone loves summer, but sometimes the reality doesn't live up to the expectations that we nurture in the long winter months. Take our hair, for instance.

When the sun comes out and the heat is on, we imagine our gloriously beach-casual hair will be flowing in the sea breeze. But the reality can turn out to be very different - wilting, limp locks plastered to our scalps.

All that heat, humidity, salty water and dry wind can leave hair lifeless and straw-like. But it doesn't have to be this way.

A little understanding of the stresses that summer puts our hair through can go a long way in preventing styling disasters and giving you the carefree hairdo of your dreams. Here's what you need to know...

The heat-wave hair horrors

Those of us with fine, straight hair are most at risk of limp strands when it gets hot and humid. The moisture from the air just sits on top of our tresses instead of being absorbed by them, leaving them weighed down and looking tired.

The heat and humidity can also make hair look greasy and lifeless. Your scalp sweats in the sun, causing your hair to produce more of its natural oils. The result? Lank, oily locks.

The third threat comes from chlorine and salt water. These sap moisture even further from dry hair, roughing up the cuticles and giving it that frazzled, lacklustre look.

Hold the foam

So how can you get the vitality, shine and volume back into your hair, without weighing it down with products? Pantene In-Shower Foam Conditioner is a solution that's perfect for taking care of fine hair.

Its foamy consistency, with champagne-style bubbles, is designed to offer 100% conditioning with 0% weight. It absorbs instantly and moisturises hair from the inside out. So you don't have to choose between dry, frazzled hair or limp tresses.

With three formulas, it can tackle any situation your summer holiday might throw at it. Frazzled hair from heat and chlorine? Restore it to full shine with Repair & Protect. Locks lank and lifeless? Put the bounce back with Extra Volume foam conditioner. Worried about your colour fading in the sunshine? Go for Colour Protect.

Whatever your hair needs, the Pantene Foam Conditioner will nourish your locks and leave them lightweight and Instagram-worthy for those all-important holiday shots.

How do you take care of fine hair in the heat and humidity? Share your suggestions in the comments.