How to fix end-of-summer hair

4 ways to rescue damaged hair

1. Give your hair a beauty treatment

Holidays give good glow in looks and in spirit. But, whilst you've been by the pool, your hair has been laid out to dry, literally. A triple whammy of sun, sea and chlorine can damage the cuticle and dim your hair's natural shine. This is the time to amp-up your haircare ritual and employ a shampoo and conditioner with highly nourishing ingredients. Just as you would treat sun parched skin with an after-sun treatment, hair also needs this gentle approach. Herbal Essences bio-renew range RRP £6.00 blends histidine, a natural anti-oxidant, with sea kelp and soothing aloe, making it the perfect choice to soften and nourish frazzled end-of-summer hair.

2. Do give your locks a micro trim

A little tweak that goes a long way, so a post summer trim is vital to remove ratty ends and give hair a new lease of life. And this even goes for your fringe. 'Gorgeous hair is all about grooming and micro maintenance, as soon as you get back from holiday have your ends neatened to bring back the bounce to flat tired looking locks,' recommends hair stylist, Ben Cooke.

3. Why brightening teeth is a secret hair rescue

A little known hack, brighter teeth gives the illusion of brighter hair. Not only does whiter teeth give the impression of health and vitality, removing rough light absorbing plaque gives teeth a glossy finish thus making hair and skin appear glowing too. I get the best results with a power toothpaste like Oral B Pro Expert RRP £4.00. The texture gives an exfoliating effect, helping to remove plaque from the teeth. We recommend pairing with Oral B Genius 9000 electric Toothbrush RRP £280 for professional results. Tip: go for a berry stain on lips to make teeth pop and appear whiter.

4. Detox a pollution build-up

If you really want to bring hair back to its former glossy glory, replenishing lost moisture is only half the battle. Removing summer residues like excess oil, minerals and pollutants from the air is needed for the best results and we've got just the thing! Pantene's new Pro-V Micellar Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo RRP £3.99 formula combines vitamins and nutrients with a skincare inspired micellar complex that lifts impurities from the surface of hair without compromising on softness. 'Unlike harsh cleansers that can leave hair feeling stripped, this formulation works on the surface of the hair without disrupting the hair's fibre,' explains principal scientist for Pantene, Dr. Jeni Thomas PhD.