For Him - Men's Hair Styles he will Love

If your partner is stuck in a hairstyle rut, show him these modern cuts before his next trip to the barbers, and get him looking and feeling fresh again.

Five haircuts your other half will love

If your partner is stuck in a hairstyle rut, show him these modern cuts before his next trip to the barbers, and get him looking and feeling fresh again.

The modern-day side-sweep

A side parting has been a popular hairstyle since the 1940s. But, far from being outdated, dashing celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and David Beckham have brought back this classic look.

Thankfully for risk-averse men, most hairstyles can be styled into a side-sweep with the right product and a little effort.

Firstly, follow the natural parting in the hair - don't try and force it to part a certain way. When it's wet, apply a serum or water-based wax and style over into a side parting, adding some volume at the front. Once the hair is dry, break it up a bit so it maintains softness instead of being a solid block.

The buzz cut

It might be bold, but if he's worried about losing his hair or is a low-maintenance kind of man, then going for the extreme buzz cut could be the answer. Action man Jason Statham and actor Woody Harrelson have both embraced losing their hair by shaving it all off - and they look all the better for it.

While the buzz cut suits most face shapes, it is best to ask the barber to trim the hair tight with scissors so they can feel for any lumps and bumps on the skull. To avoid the look being too severe, using scissors will keep it slightly longer and softer in appearance.

Some well-trimmed stubble will add definition to the cheekbones and jawline.

Long and flowing

Long hair is the look that daring, fashion-conscious men will be sporting this summer. But it's not just for celebrities and catwalk models, as any man with a full head of hair could embrace a longer hairstyle. And, as long as he works with the natural texture of his hair, it is possible to wear longer hair at any age.

A shoulder-length style, swept back with light layering at the ends is a perfect introduction. The secret to making this look work is ensuring the hair is in good condition. Use a moisturising shampoo that also prevents a flaky scalp and dandruff, like Head & Shoulders Classic Clean, which cleanses, protects and moisturises while keeping hair 100% flake free.

Textured on top

The men's hair trend of the year combines both long and short styles. Keeping it cropped short and tight on the sides, hair should be full bodied and longer on the top, adding height with a textured cut.

This will be a great style on men with a thick mane and would suit greying hair. However, it will require some daily styling and maintenance, so not ideal for the man who likes to just roll out of bed in the morning.

The long in the front, short in the back

For the man struggling with a receding hairline who isn't prepared to cut it all off, this hairstyle creates the perfect optical illusion.

Taking inspiration from actors such as Alexander Skarsgård and Tom Hiddleston, men should keep the hair long in the front and shorter everywhere else, which will make it seem like there is fuller hair all over.

Use a light wax to add volume to the front, making sure to break it up to keep it soft and light.

What hairstyle do you think looks great on a man? Let us know your thoughts below...