12 years in the life of your skin

A new survey by Olay Total Effects takes a look at what British women’s skin goes through over a 12-year period.

According to a poll of 1000 women between the ages of 25-40, this time in our lives is packed with more highs and lows than a final episode of Homeland. But how does that impact your skin?  We’ve got the answers...

Happy life, happy skin
So, it’s not just what you put on your skin that matters. According to the survey, 35% of women aged between 25-40 said to be in a happy situation, noticed no obvious changes to skin age over the past 12 years.

The top three skin agers are...
If your 2014 resolution was to slow down and smell the roses, then you’re onto something as stress was cited as the top skin ager by 82% of women surveyed. Unsurprisingly, not getting enough sleep ranked second at 80%, followed by UV exposure at 73%.

The anti-ageing tipping point
Whilst 20-somethings rarely have a wrinkle in sight, on average 26-27 is the age that women start using their first anti-ageing skincare product. Yet, they go through 3.5 skincare brands before landing on the one!

We recommend: Nearly a third of women surveyed, confessed to not having a regular anti-ageing skincare regime, but wished they did. And according to the experts, the earlier you find a skin routine that works for you, the more youthful you’ll look later in life.  

Dr Frauke Neuser, OLAY Principal Scientist comments: “Your skin’s needs change over time, and from around your mid-twenties, most women will start to notice the first signs of ageing.  These usually include the formation of fine lines and a change in the look and feel of the skin.  Apart from simply the passage of time, major life events can also take their toll on the skin, especially as they often result in increased stress levels, lack of sleep and fatigue. So it’s important to look after your skin and establish good habits early on to help keep youthful looking skin.”

OLAY Total Effects conducted the survey to see if UK women’s lives matched with the personal life statistics of 37 year-old Australian model, Caroline Penry over the last twelve years as played out in OLAY’s latest Total Effects television advertisement – overwhelmingly they found out that they did!

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