Five expensive beauty treatments you can recreate at home

When you and your bank account both need some TLC, soothing spa treatments aren't out of reach. Just follow our guide to do it yourself at home.

When all the pressure of the daily grind is getting too much, you deserve the soothing rejuvenating environment of a spa.

But when money's tight, splashing out on expensive treatments is only likely to make you more stressed. That's when it's time to get creative and look for DIY solutions to pamper yourself in your own home.

Remember, half the pleasure of a spa is the restful atmosphere, so take the time to dim the lights, light some candles and wrap yourself in your fluffiest robe before taking a look at our home beauty treatments.

Make your own facial mask

Give yourself a rejuvenating facial treatment by mixing up some of your favourite natural skincare ingredients and creating a mask.

Need some inspiration? Facialists love strawberries for their vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate the skin. Blend them with bee pollen, raw honey, olive oil mayonnaise and a few drops of lavender oil.

Then just apply to the face, leaving the eyes alone. Relax and listen to some favourite soothing music for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and watch your skin glow.

Give your feet (and hands) a treat

For perfect nails, start with a clean canvas. Wipe them with an acetone cleaner before you start to clear away any dirt, oils or leftover polish. Then soak hands for three minutes or feet for five before using your favourite scrub to exfoliate.

Give your cuticles some TLC by rubbing them with a nail oil and pushing them back into a shape with an orangewood stick. Then massage a moisturiser into your hands or feet.

Now it's time to polish. Carefully apply a base coat, two thin layers and a clear top coat to keep everything shiny and protected. Then sit back with a magazine and enjoy some well-deserved time to yourself.

Try a DIY body polish

At the spa they'll use expensive exfoliators to scrub away dead and dull skin cells from your body, to reveal the smooth, glowing skin beneath. But you can achieve the same effect with all-natural ingredients at home.

Just mix equal parts of brown sugar and an oil such as coconut oil. To give your skin a boost, try adding a drop of vitamin E oil for its anti-ageing properties, or an essential oil such lavender or orange.

Then just scrub the mixture all over your body and rinse off in the shower for skin that feels like silk.

Zap unwanted hair

Expert beauticians can zap away hair with lasers, but it's not the sort of equipment most of us have lying around the house. Now something better is within reach. It's called Intense Pulsed Light and with the Braun Silk-expert 5 IPL BD5001 you can bring it home.

IPL is a gentler treatment that uses pulses of warm light to target hair follicles and permanently remove visible hair. It automatically senses your skin tone and adjusts intensity to protect fairer skin.

An arm or a leg can be treated in just eight minutes, while there are extra-gentle modes for first-time users, or treating sensitive areas (like that bikini line). So you can get salon-style results for a fraction of the price, right in your own home.

Relax with aromatherapy

A spa isn't just about rejuvenating your body, it's also about giving you a mental break. And nothing is quite as soothing as the right fragrance at the right time.

Pick an essential oil with a scent you love, or with an effect that you'd like: try bergamot to reduce anxiety or lavender for a good night's sleep.Then try dropping it into a restful bath or massaging it into your skin. For extra relaxation, why not cash in a favour with your other half and get a massage from them?

What's your favourite way to pamper yourself at home? Share your tips in the comments.



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